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A Closer Look at Suzy Perez

Suzy Perez had achieved great success as both a supermodel and backup dancer, but her life took an unfortunate turn when she developed drug addiction issues.

Suzy has been living on the streets of uptown Manhattan for years, eating out of trash cans and begging for money. Attempts to rehabilitate her have been unsuccessful.

Born in the Dominican Republic

Suzy Perez was a popular model in the late 90s and early 2000s. She gained notoriety for her flawless figure and impressive modeling skills.

She graced the runways of many fashion houses and had celebrity clients. Additionally, she featured in numerous movies and music videos.

Her career took an ugly turn when she joined a false modeling agency that drugged, raped, and brutalized her. This lead to an addiction to drugs which ultimately forced her out on the streets of New York City.

Her story serves as an inspiring inspiration that anyone can overcome any challenge in life. It’s essential to recognize that there are always people willing to lend a helping hand if you’re struggling.

In the Dominican Republic, there is a great deal of poverty and drug addiction. We regret to learn that Suzy Perez, once an inspiring role model, has fallen from grace and now lives on the streets. But we remain hopeful that she will find courage to overcome her addiction and return to a normal life.

Started her career as a model

Suzy Perez, born in Dominican Republic in the 90s and early 2000s, became a renowned model due to her long black hair, caramel complexion and stunning figure that stood out amongst other models and actresses in fashion and music videos alike.

She was the backup dancer for Jennifer Lopez and Sean Combs, appearing on many fashion magazine front covers. Despite her success, she struggled with mental health issues and substance abuse problems.

According to reports, unknown men drugged and raped her at a modeling agency. Her body became dependent on the drugs, eventually leading to severe addiction.

Eventually, she disappeared from public view and was discovered on the streets of New York in 2019. There, she was found in a destitute state, begging for money and eating trash.

Leaving the modelling world

Suzy Perez was one of the hottest models in the industry during the ’90s and early 2000s. She featured prominently in music videos for Jennifer Lopez and P Diddy, as well as appearing in many magazine photos.

Unfortunately, her career took an unfortunate turn for the worse. Mental health issues, drug addiction issues and family matters combined to create a downward spiral in her life.

She had been signed to a modeling agency, which should have opened doors for more work opportunities. Unfortunately, the men running the business had other plans. They drugged, raped and brutalized her in an effort to gain control over their business venture.

She then disappeared for several months, only to be discovered on the streets of New York eating out of trash cans and asking for money.

Reporter Gelena Solano for Univision’s ‘El Gordo y La Flaca’ has attempted to help her by reconnecting her with her son, providing food and clothes, and even trying to get her into rehab. But she has not responded to any of these offers and is once again living on the streets.

Returning to the streets

Suzy Perez had a successful career as both a model and dancer, but her drug addiction has left her looking like nothing more than a ghost. Once seen alongside artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Puff Daddy, and Daddy Yankee, Suzy now lives on the streets with no home to call her own while fighting an addiction to illicit substances.

After her mother died, she was left homeless and her life has taken an unfortunate turn. Reporter Gelena Solano from Univision’s El Gordo y La Flaca tried to assist her but she rejected all their offers of assistance.

Senna Celestino’s son launched a campaign to raise money for her rehabilitation and has so far managed to secure half the amount needed. According to him, the money people gave her has been used solely for purchasing drugs.

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