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A helpful guide for first-time visitors to Jim Corbett National Park


In the Northern Indian State located in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand, Jim Corbett National Park is commonly referred to as”the Corbett National Park, is the home of a wide range of animals. In 1973, the well-known “Project Tiger” was launched at this site, and continues to be used today.

Jim Corbett National Park is an oasis for those who love the great outdoors and wildlife. The park’s land is over 500 square kilometers and the scenery throughout the entire region is amazing. Every feature of the geological landscape such as swampy marshes to rolling hills as well as riverine belts and lakes can be seen in this region. On the back of an elephant and in an open Jeep with four wheels visitors can be close and personal with the natural world.

Jim Corbett National Park is not just home to the tiger but hosts many species of birds and other animals. Indeed, some of the most famous birdwatchers travel to Corbett to learn about the varieties of birds found there.

A Comprehensive Description of Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park is the longest-running National Park in India it was established in the year 1897. The park has a diverse variety of animals which include Bengal tigers as well as the leopard cat in addition to other animals. Himalayan black bears Indian gray mongoose, otters Indian pangolins, and many more species can be seen throughout the Himalayan mountains. Be aware of these facts prior to arranging a trip to the Park. 1.

Jim Corbett National Park Jim Corbett National Park is located in the United States of America.

In the beginning, it was known as Hailey National Park, Jim Corbett National Park was established in 1936 with the intention of preserving the critically vulnerable Bengal tiger. After the establishment of the park in 1936, it was named Jim Corbett Park in honor of Edward James Corbett, who was a key player in its establishment.

Jim Corbett was a hunter who was the cause of the deaths of numerous man-eating tigers throughout India. Jim Corbett was ordered by British authorities to hunt down the man-eating leopards and tigers in the nearby towns of Garhwal as well as the Kumaon districts. He diligently completed.

Corbett was the person responsible in the death of many leopards and tigers that ate man in the region. Corbett discovered that the massive animals that became man-eaters were injured or were unable to hunt in the way they normally do. In the following years, he was successful in persuading the government to set up protected areas to lessen the conflict between man and animal.

The scenery in Jim Corbett National Park, which spans 500 square km is absolutely stunning. Every geographic feature can be seen there, from marshy wetlands to mountains riverine belts, lakes to riverine belts, and everything in-between. Within the park, you can find an array of diverse wildflowers and plants to explore.

The journey there to Jim Corbett National Park is easy.

It is essential to travel to Ramnagar as it is the nearest town located to Jim Corbett National Park before you can enter into the Tiger reserve. You can travel via train and road to all important cities across India starting from Ramnagar.

How do I get there? Jim Corbett National Park and which route did I choose to take?

There are two ways to get in the direction of Jim Corbett National Park from Chandigarh (which is four to six hours from New Delhi). The first route is by air travel, while the other is via road.

One route takes you through Haridwar and includes the following route: Chandigarh – Saharanpur – Roorkee – Haridwar, and Corbett.

Corbett is accessible Corbett by two ways one route via Rishikesh as well as the other route via Chandigarh, Dehradun, Rishikesh, and Corbett.

Because of the great roads, we decided to choose the second route for Jim Corbett National Park as our preferred route. The driver said that the trails that lead to the trail starting at the beginning are not in good condition.

On the bus, we had one rule. Nobody will be able to rest throughout the journey, trust me. The driver was in charge of the driving, and we were responsible for making sure that everyone was up and moving. The trip began with an excitement of dancing, and we were up and danced like it was time for rest.

How do I book the Corbett National Park Safari?

You can book an adventure at Jim Corbett National Park many months in advance via the web. Contrary to Indians who are able to make reservations for a safari as long as 45 days ahead, foreigners are able to book a trip as long as 90 days ahead.

There are a variety of other bus operators in Ramanagara and hotels can also help you to ride the bus, but they will charge a service charge in addition to the current rates of the government.

You can pick between a jeep safari or a canter safari for your safari trip. It is possible to choose a Jeep safari that will be able to take you to any one of the mentioned zones The canter safari only takes visitors to the Dhikala zone.

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