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Benefits of swimming: When can I start?

Would you like to start swimming? Swimming with lifeguard class wit is a fun and versatile sport that everyone can participate in. Discover a lot of great benefits of swimming in this article!

If there’s one sport that manages to shape your body better than the others, it’s swimming. Once you start and follow an exercise routine , there are many benefits to swimming. Not only do you get your body in shape, but it also has a positive impact on your mental and emotional state.

Within sports, swimming is one of the most comprehensive and versatile sports there is. Swimming provides an opportunity to exercise the legs and arms as well as the upper body. In addition, it also has a positive effect on quality of life and mood. Before starting this discipline, spend some time thinking about these benefits of swimming and find the motivation to start.

Swimming: a versatile sport

The best thing about swimming with lifeguard class is that you can do it all your life, from infancy to old age . You can also learn many different styles. Furthermore, there are also benefits to swimming that are not necessarily physical, such as that it is both beautiful and fun .

By practicing the correct techniques, you will quickly acquire the skills to glide smoothly through the water. The coordination of your movements will give you the ability to move freely and float on the surface, and even the ability to dive below the surface for a few minutes.

When you think about these benefits of swimming, you definitely want to get into a routine that delivers quick and visible results .

What other benefits of swimming are there?

Goals in life are measured by results, so experiencing the benefits of swimming will confirm that you are on the right track and provide incentive to continue. Among the biggest benefits of swimming are that it:

  • Stimulates blood circulation through the body.
  • Strengthens heart-lung function to an almost surprising degree.
  • Minimizes the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Controls blood pressure.
  • Strengthens and develops a large part of your muscles.
  • Gives a better posture.
  • Strengthens your joints and helps prevent potential injuries.
  • Improves your emotional state by relaxing you.
  • Stimulates your brain activity and makes it easier to focus on your goals.
  • Improves your motor skills.

Cognitive functions

Being in the water when swimming can significantly increase the capacity of blood supply to the brain by up to 14%. This leads to better concentration and memory.

Your mood

While swimming, your brain releases endorphins , which help reduce stress and anxiety. In addition, some consider swimming to be an antidepressant.

Learning process

Swimming requires attention. Without causing anxiety, it activates both hemispheres of the brain and initiates a communication process. This allows several brain functions to take place at the same time . These functions initiate a collaboration between several of the body’s organs.

For smaller children, these benefits of swimming are even better. Swimming helps them by improving their fine motor skills so they can use their hands and fingers for other activities and movements.

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