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Best Savings Account That You Can Consider

The most fundamental financial instrument that banks offer is a savings account. People can deposit their money and keep it secure with the financial organisation by opening a savings account. They also receive interest, however minimal, at the same time. Savings bank accounts are liquid investments because customers can withdraw money whenever they want and without any limitations. Compare the interest rates and other features of the various options in order to determine which bank account in India is the best. However, if you are an SBI customer then you can get a 3% per annum SBI saving account interest rate on your savings bank account.

List of Banks

Below is a list of bank accounts and their saving account interest rates so that you can compare and choose accordingly:

RBL Bank Savings Account

With an RBL Bank savings account you can get indefinitely free transactions at RBL ATMs, free RuPay debit card with an INR 50,000 rupee cash withdrawal cap, you can also replace a damaged card for nothing, features like telephone and mobile banking, etc. 

The Monthly Account Balance Interest Rate are as follows:

4.25%p.a. on amounts up to INR 1 lakh.

5.75%p.a. for amounts over INR 1 lakh to INR 10 lakh.

More than INR 10 lakh to INR 5 crore 6.0% p.a.

IndusInd Bank Savings Account

A wide variety of specialised savings accounts are available from IndusInd Bank, including the Indus Delite Savings Account and the Indus Exclusive Savings Account. These great discounts and deals are available on both accounts. A committed relationship manager is one of the latter’s important characteristics. The Monthly Account Balance Interest Rate are as follows:

4% p.a for amounts up to INR 10 lakh

Amounts more than INR 10 lakh the interest rate is 5.00% p.a.

Yes Bank Savings Account

Savings accounts are available from Yes Bank in two varieties: Savings Account PRO and Savings Account Pro Plus. The MAB for the former and latter is Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 25,000, respectively. The Interest Rate on Daily Account Balance is mentioned below:

4.00% p.a. up to INR 1 lakh

4.50% p.a. on amounts ranging from INR 1 lakh to INR 10 lakh

5.25% p.a. on amounts above INR 10 lakh up to INR 100 crore

Savings Account at Kotak Mahindra Bank

Kotak offers more than ten savings account varieties, each with its own set of perks. The minimum AQB for the bank’s Sanman Savings Account is Rs. 2,000. Individuals who open this account can also withdraw cash from any Kotak Mahindra Bank ATM without incurring a fee. The Interest Rate on Daily Account Balance are as follows:

3.50% p.a. up to INR 1 lakh

Over Rs. 1 lakh, 3.50 % per annum

HDFC Bank Savings Account

HDFC Bank offers comprehensive banking solutions to meet the needs of its customers. Free debit card, mobile banking, and other unique features of the HDFC savings account Furthermore, this financial organisation offers customised savings accounts for women and seniors. The Interest Rate on Daily Account Balance for HDFC Savings bank account are as follows:

3% p.a. for amounts Up to INR 50 lakh

3.50% p.a. for amounts greater than INR 50 lakh

ICICI Bank Savings Account

Customers of ICICI Bank have access to a wide selection of savings accounts. The Advantage Woman Aura Savings Account is intended specifically for working women. It includes various offers on shopping, jewellery, and other items in addition to unrestricted cash withdrawals at any bank’s ATM. The following are the ICICI savings account interest rate:

3% p.a. for amounts below INR 50 lakh

3.50% p.a.for amounts above INR 50 lakhThese are some of the top banks in the country with their saving account interest rate. You can compare all the banks before opening a new account to get the best bank saving account interest rate. Moreover, if you already have a savings bank account then you can compare and then switch your banks account to receive more interest amounts respectively.

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