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How Blockchain Technology Will Revolutionize The World

Wall Street Journal’s Bess Levin reports how Wall Street and Main Street are embracing blockchain technology. Blockchain is the digital, decentralized ledger technology behind Bitcoin that creates an unchangeable record of transactions. The article also discusses its applications in both finance and beyond.

What is blockchain?

How will blockchain technology revolutionize the world? This is a question that is on the minds of many people, especially those in the business and financial sectors. Blockchain is a distributed database that allows for secure, transparent and tamper-proof transactions. This could potentially change the way the world does business, as it would make things much more efficient and secure. There are many different applications for blockchain technology, and it is expected to have a huge impact on various industries. Here are some of the ways that blockchain could revolutionize the world:

  1. Banking and Finance
    The banking and finance industries are already starting to experiment with blockchain technology. This is because it has the potential to make transactions much more secure and efficient. For example, banks could use blockchain to verify customer identities and process payments much faster. This would reduce fraudulent activities and make it easier for customers to access banking services.
  2. Supply Chain Management
    Blockchain could also transform supply chain management. It could be used to track items as they move through the supply chain, from manufacture to delivery. This would allow businesses to ensure that their products are genuine and have not been tampered with. It would also enable them to better manage inventory levels and reduce waste. This can be used in Food industry very well.
  3. App Development Blockchain technology could also be used to develop unique apps and software. The blockchain development platform Ethereum has already been used to create a number of apps, including CryptoKitties and EtherDelta. These apps are based on the Ethereum blockchain and use Ether (ETH) as their digital currency.Ethereum is an open source platform that can be used by developers for app creation, smart contracts, and other functions.
  4. Digital Voting Blockchain could also be used to improve digital voting systems in elections. It can provide transparency and accuracy in the counting process, which helps to reduce fraud and corruption. This type of system was recently piloted during the West Virginia primaries in May 2018 for overseas citizens who were not able to vote.

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Blockchain use cases in today’s world

The potential uses for blockchain technology are seemingly endless. In today’s world, blockchain is being used to create more efficient and secure supply chains, to streamline the buying and selling of real estate, and to revolutionize the way we vote. Below are just a few examples of how blockchain is changing the world as we know it.

  1. Supply Chains: One of the most promising applications for blockchain technology is in the area of supply chain management. By tracking goods and materials throughout the supply chain using blockchain, businesses can gain greater visibility into their supply chains and ensure that goods are not lost or stolen. This can ultimately lead to more efficient and cost-effective supply chains.
  2. Real Estate: Blockchain technology is also being used to streamline the buying and selling of real estate. By creating a digital ledger of property ownership, buyers and sellers can transact without the need for third-party intermediaries like banks or escrow companies. This not only saves time and money, but it also makes the process of buying and selling real estate more secure.
  3. Voting: Another application for blockchain technology that has the potential to revolutionize the world is in the area of voting. By creating a decentralized system for voting.

How can blockchain help us in our lives?

The potential applications of blockchain technology are endless. From simplifying international trade to streamlining the supply chain, blockchain has the potential to revolutionize the world as we know it. Here are just a few ways that blockchain can help us in our everyday lives:

  1. Secure online payments: With blockchain, online payments would be more secure and tamper-proof than ever before. No more worrying about your credit card information being stolen or your account being hacked.
  2. Faster, cheaper international payments: Sending money overseas using traditional methods can be slow and expensive. Blockchain could help speed up the process and make it more affordable.
  3. Improved security for online identity verification: Blockchain could be used to create a more secure system for verifying people’s identities online. This would have major implications for areas like online banking and voting.
  4. Tamper-proof records: because blockchain records are immutable, they could be used to create tamper-proof records of sensitive data like medical records or financial transactions.
  5. Streamlined supply chain management: Blockchain technology could be used to streamline supply chains and make them more efficient. This would have major implications for industries like food and beverage, fashion.

Technological singularity and how does it relate to blockchain?

Technological singularity is the idea that at some point in the future, technology will become so advanced that it will surpass human intelligence. This could mean that machines will be able to learn and innovate on their own, making them far more intelligent than any human could ever be.

Blockchain technology has the potential to bring about a technological singularity. By allowing machines to securely share data and communicate with each other, they will be able to learn from each other and create new technologies that we cannot even imagine. This could lead to a future where machines are far more intelligent than humans, and the possibilities are endless.


Blockchain technology is already having a major impact on the world and its potential uses are endless. From financial institutions to supply chain management, blockchain is revolutionizing the way we do business. With its distributed ledger system, blockchain provides a secure and transparent way to track transactions and data. This makes it an ideal solution for industries that require high levels of security and transparency. As we move into the future, blockchain will only become more prevalent and its uses more widespread. We can only imagine how much it will change the world as we know it.

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