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Cause of Cancer and Blood Cancer

The causes of cancer and blood cancer vary according to the type. Some types of cancer start in the bone marrow or stem cells, while others develop in the blood. In both cases, mutations in DNA are the culprit. There are several risk factors for each type of blood cancer. If you suspect you or someone in your family has cancer, it’s important to get tested and see a specialist immediately.

Cause of Cancer

Cancer and Blood Specialists in Delhi NCR
Cancer and Blood Specialists in Delhi NCR

Cancers of the blood, also called leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma, affect cells in the blood and bone marrow. These cells are necessary for normal body functioning and perform several functions, including carrying oxygen from the lungs to cells, delivering nutrients, and removing waste products. Blood cancers disrupt the normal development of blood cells and can affect the immune system and the lungs.

There are many types of blood and bone marrow cancers, and each one has its own distinct risk factors. Leukemia involves the rapid production of abnormal white blood cells, which do not fight infections. It also impairs the bone marrow’s ability to produce red blood cells and platelets. Another type of blood cancer, lymphoma, affects the lymphatic system, and its cells multiply in the lymph nodes and other tissues, impairing the immune system.

The first step in the treatment of blood cancer is to diagnose the disease. A physician will conduct a physical examination to identify any symptoms. If the symptoms are present and persistent, a physician will then proceed to perform blood tests to classify the stage and cause of cancer.

Cause of Blood Cancer

Blood cancer is a rare but serious disease that can develop in your blood cells. This disease originates in the bone marrow and attacks the blood cells, making them not work properly. The symptoms of this disease include an inability to fight germs and stop bleeding. Cancers of the blood stem cells can cause leukemia or lymphoma. They can affect red blood cells and white blood cells. Cancers of the blood stem cells can lead to an excess of white blood cells, making them ineffective in their job of defending the body against infections.

Blood cancer can be difficult to diagnose early. There are many symptoms that are similar to flu or other illnesses. If a doctor suspects cancer in your blood, he or she will perform tests to classify the stage and cause of your condition.

Cancer and Blood Specialists in Delhi NCR

When it comes to cancer and blood Specialists in Delhi NCR it is important to choose the right doctors who specialize in treating your condition. The different types of cancer require different treatment techniques. Choose an oncologist based on his or her experience and track record. He or she should have a high success rate, which will help you increase your chances of recovering.

A renowned hospital in Delhi NCR, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, is one of the best places to receive the best treatment for blood and cancer-related issues. The institute has a dedicated department for hemato-oncology, where cancers of the blood and lymphatic system can be diagnosed and treated. The hospital also has a team of physicians specializing in the bone marrow and hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.

The hospital is equipped with advanced technology and has a dedicated cancer clinic, where patients can undergo treatment and recover completely. Other good hospitals in Delhi include the Apollo Hospital and its Cancer Institute, which is equipped with cutting-edge surgical techniques such as the da Vinci robotic system for minimal access surgery. The hospital has highly skilled surgeons, radiation oncologists, and clinical oncologists.

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