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Certified Ethical Hacker: A Useful Guide!

The whole process can be pretty challenging when securing a job as an ethical hacker. You may have excellent knowledge and hands-on experience in this field, but the interview might not go as planned. You might find it difficult to answer certain questions provided by the hiring manager. 

It is because, as a penetration testing, you carry a confidentiality agreement with your past employer and do not wish to break it. In such circumstances, you will require industry-recognized certifications that will also support and validate your experience and knowledge. The Certified Ethical Hacking CEH is the certification that you need the most.

Certified Ethical Hacker Certification: What is It?

The CEH or certified ethical hacker certification will validate your knowledge of bypassing an organization’s security defences by gaining access to their databases, applications, networks and other critical data. 

The certification tests your skills to uncover all the vulnerabilities that the malicious attacker might exploit. The certification will prepare you to match the creativity and techniques of the black hat hackers. You will also be equipped with deep knowledge about evolving attack vectors, hacking tools, and preventative countermeasures. 

As an ethical hacker, your responsibility will be to gain permission from all the asset owners right before you scrutinize it for all the vulnerabilities. You will also make sure that the results remain completely confidential. So, to become a certified ethical hacker, you must pass the CEH [ANSI] examination. 

Once you do so, you can opt for the CEH practical, a 6-hour examination. When you become a certified and professional ethical hacker and get to clear the CEH practical exam, you will surely be recognized as the CEH master.

Becoming a Certified Ethical Hacker: How to do so?

When you decide to become a certified ethical hacker, you must pass the CEH examination, which contains 125 MCQ or multiple-choice questions. You will get 4 hours to complete the exam.

The certifications exam’s integrity is maintained by offering different question banks. The question banks are then analysed through the beta testing process for a sample group under the security expert’s supervision. This can ensure that all the questions asked in the examination contain real-work applications and academic significance.

The governing body is responsible for determining the difficulty of all the questions, and, based on those ratings, the cut-off gets evaluated. Normally, it falls between 60% to 80%, depending on the type of questions you receive. But be sure to read the question properly before answering. 

Try to understand what the question is asking, and then look at the four options. Also, make sure to prepare yourself properly before the examinations by going through all the notes, and you have doubts to clear, you can speak with the instructor. 

The Takeaway 

The ethical hacking course has become extremely popular these days. It’s mainly because the need for ethical hackers in today’s world has increased dramatically. Since more and more organizations are becoming victims of cyber-attacks and data breaches, they need the help of these hackers to protect their important data from the black hat hackers online.

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