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Choice Home Warranty Review

Choice Home Warranty offers affordable plans to protect customers’ homes and systems against costly repair or replacement expenses, yet their service agreements include various limitations and exclusions that must be considered before choosing their service plans.

As an example, the company does not cover preexisting conditions either known or unknown; nor items damaged due to misuse, abuse, or negligence.


Choice Home Warranty George Foreman offer competitively-priced coverage plans depending on the plan you select and where you live, but its costs tend to be much lower than many other home warranties. With two plans that offer customers one month free coverage when signing up; plus an easy online or phone claims process and payout limits of $3,000 per item/contract term capped payouts!

Choice Home Warranty has the additional advantage of not rejecting appliances and systems based solely on age or preexisting conditions, although items deemed as subpar due to negligence, misuse or neglect will still not be covered.

Basic plans start at $560 annually while Total plans cost $660. Additional coverage options such as sump pumps and roof leaks can also be added, though costs for such add-ons vary so it is wise to request a quote from your provider for accurate costs estimations.


Choice Home Warranty offers various plans that cover an assortment of appliances and systems. They also have a customer service line staffed 24/7 in case of an emergency situation, providing timely assistance when it’s needed most.

Choice Home Warranty’s customers should keep in mind that preexisting conditions or damage resulting from abuse or negligence will not be covered, nor repairs related to floods and earthquakes – something homeowner insurance policies typically cover.

The company provides its basic plan with several add-on options, such as pool, septic tank and sump pump coverage. Furthermore, their warranty covers all parts and labor for repairs with a 60 day workmanship guarantee and 90 day materials guarantee. However, this company’s lack of price transparency may be problematic for some buyers: their online quote tool doesn’t offer features like comparison tables or price transparency features that could help.

Customer service

Choice Home Warranty offers customers a seamless experience when filing claims or accessing their online accounts, as well as 24/7 customer support – which comes in especially handy when unexpected problems arise in the home. It’s an invaluable benefit – an asset when something unexpected goes wrong in your property!

However, some customers have reported that the company can be slow in processing claims and may require extra paperwork before honoring one. Furthermore, customers have reported issues with them denying claims due to reasons that are outside their contract.

The website for this company is generally straightforward, yet key information regarding their terms of service may be difficult to locate. It takes some time and effort to calculate the costs for add-on options since they don’t appear in your initial quote; customers can still select additional coverage but will have to go back to the main page in order to see their total price.


Choice Home Warranty provides its plans with customizable add-ons that enable homeowners to tailor their coverage and protect against unexpected repair costs. They also offer competitive monthly premiums and deductibles, with below-average premiums compared to industry standards and lower deductibles than some competitors; however, homeowners must carefully consider all their plan terms prior to choosing this provider.

Homeowners looking for a quote should use the company’s website, where there is an easy and straightforward process for doing so. They will need to provide basic information about their home as well as list add-ons they would like purchased; customers also have the option of paying their plan annually which will save money in the long run.

One notable characteristic of CHW is their reasonably-priced service call fee of $85, making budgeting for repairs easier for consumers.

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