Thursday, September 29

Demands For Custom Jewellery Are Soaring High

People rightly say that “You are never fully dressed without jewellery.” Truly, Jewellery is just like the icing on a cake. The plain cake is eaten. However, when the same cake needs to be presented, it has to be adorned with beautiful icing decorations. Similarly, you are what you are but when you need to present yourself, you have to adorn yourself too!

Most learned people have mentioned that your smile is your best makeup, however Dianne Von Furstenberg, a Belgian designer known for her wrap dresses, rightly mentioned that “Jewellery is like that perfect spice; it compliments what’s already there.” Jewellery enhances your inner beauty. Therefore, jewellery has been accompanying human beings through generations. Jewellery has accompanied everyone through their best and worst moments. It has been your constant companion when you were alone or when you enjoyed blissful company. Your Jewellery has been with you through everything.

However, you might have seldom had this wish that your jewellery should only be yours. It should represent only you and no one else. You obviously do not feel good when Okotoks Jewellery Store sell the same piece of Jewellery to you and your neighbour. Why? Because you see your jewellery to be that special differentiating factor which differentiates you from the rest. Isn’t it? This is not just your case. This is what most people think across the globe. Most people these days are engaging in thinking about what jewellery they wear. They are even thinking about a logical reason to answer why they are wearing it. Well! That is precisely the reason why stores such as Austen Jewellery, and Okotoks Jewellery Stores have started specializing in custom jewellery – Jewellery designed specifically for you and you alone!

According to Garance Dore, a famous French photographer, illustrator, fashion blogger, and author, “Jewellery is a very personal thing…it should tell a story about the person who’s wearing it.” In the world of technology when information is the key and people believe in viewing rather than merely reading, it is important that everything about you should speak about you alone! This is the reason why the demand for Custom Jewellery has been raining for quite some time now. There are various jewellery stores such as  Custom Jewellery Okotoks which sell custom jewellery that suits you, is one of a kind and is something no one else has. In fact, such custom jewellery compliments your personality in a way that your look and your jewellery communicate everything about you, including your levels of confidence, your nature, your emotions, and even your beliefs.

Custom jewellery is well within reach among a wider customer base. Custom jewellery is designed and crafted by collaborating with the customer to fulfil the customer’s needs, vision and imagination. Thus, this business would never fail to clinch a sale because the customers are as much a stakeholder in the production process as stores like Austen Jewellers, a custom jewellery Okotoks store. Further, companies also benefit because you, the customers, apart from being emotionally attached to the custom jewellery, are also brand ambassadors of the companies because you trust such companies. Your word-of-mouth publicity work wonders for promoting custom jewellery. 

Market trends related to Custom Jewellery show an upward movement and are forecasted to have an increasing trend in the period between 2021 to 2031. However, more than the market movement in the upward direction, what matters is its increasing reach. Yes! While earlier the premier and the elite jewellers and customers could afford to operate in the custom jewellery segment, these days even the small jewellers and regular customers are willing to buy custom jewellery. Some of the reasons that might have triggered this trend include:

∙         Enhancement of technology has led to faster methods of preparing intricate custom jewellery that would have taken ample time earlier. This reduces the operating time while the use of technology has enabled the reduction of losses (at various stages such as cutting of stones and metal shaping among other processes). Further, bulk use of technology has also reduced the cost of production of custom jewellery, thus making it somewhat affordable for the masses.

∙         The advent of social media, especially social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram has opened up the personal lives of normal people and exposed the same to the world. Therefore, looks and accomplishments such as dress, jewellery and watches among other things are a hot topic of discussion. The masses are influenced by such discussion and this leads to making a purchase decision most of the time. Thus when you see your friend wearing a custom bracelet on his/her hand, you tend to start thinking about the same. This results in the creation or at least imagination of your own design and thus demand for custom jewellery increases. Further, the growing disposable income of customers is forcing customers like you into investing in custom jewellery.

∙         The companies operating in the custom jewellery segment a one-stop store for custom jewellery in Okotoks, too, use these social media platforms to market and promote themselves. While the reach of these companies increases, the customers become more aware of the latest trends and designs that rule the market. This forms the very first step of the sales promotion (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action (AIDA) Model) leading to the upward movement of the custom jewellery market.

Jewellery is an important element of you and your personality. Therefore, it is always advisable to invest in good personalized custom jewellery that personifies you. As they rightly say, “Invest in jewellery because it is something you will wear every day, something that makes you feel good.” Feel good, Feel Confident, and Feel You when you wear your very own Custom Jewellery.

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