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VSI International: Top and high-rated English Medium School in Jaipur

Are you tired of looking for the top and high-rated English medium school in Jaipur? If yes, you can a sigh of relief as we introduce the most recommended and reviewed, VSI international school in Jaipur.

In today’s scenario, English is very important as it is the only way to approach globally.

Hence it becomes paramount for every student to learn and speak English for communicating nationally or internationally. And that’s why all parents are looking for the best and high- rated English medium school in Jaipur.

VSI international school is a prominent English medium school in Sanganer Jaipur. The school is famous for its education system together with extra-curricular activities. Also, VSI international school is awarded the “emerging school of the year” by the reputable education minister.

Further, the article provides you with information on VSI international school, intellectuals, infrastructure, educated and caring teaching staff, infrastructure, secured and systematic atmosphere etc.

Preface of English Medium School- VSI International school

In the first place, VSI international is the top and high-rated English medium school in Pratap Nagar, Jaipur. The school has all the facilities like Infrastructure, learner centre curriculum, qualified and supportive staff of teachers etc making it best in its own way.

Moreover, the school primarily focuses on English, and English conversation techniques with a great and safe environment to learn, grow and explore more. As a result, VSI international has the most significant number of students in Pink city.

Not long back, VSI international school was founded in 1979 by Blue Bells Shiksha Samiti. Also, the school director Mr R.C. Sharma is a remarkable educationist and Chartered Accountant of Jaipur city.

In essence, VSI international – English medium school in Sanganer is based on co-education affiliated with the RBSE board.

Intellectuals of English Medium School in Pratap Nagar Jaipur

The VSI international – English medium school in Pratap Nagar Jaipur has 4 wings or classes from play group to XII (Science, Commerce & Arts).

  • Firstly, playgroup classes for toddlers from 2 to 3 years old kids.
  • Secondly, primary classes for 3 to 5 years old. The categories include Nursery, HKG, LKG and preparatory classes.
  • Thirdly, junior wing classes like I to VIII with the age group 5 to 13 years students.
  • Last, senior wing classes from IX to XII, for students more than 13 years.

Comprehensive Curriculum of Top English Medium School in Jaipur

The VSI international school is focused on the overall development curriculum. Therefore, along with the education programme, the school curriculum prioritizes all fields like dance, sports, art, music, and other elective activities.

Above all, English medium school in Jaipur is developing new features for the students like learning of different languages skill, innovative class studies etc.

Infrastructural Facilities of English Medium School in Sanganer Jaipur

In the capital city of Rajasthan, VSI international has an impressive and glorious infrastructure with all outstanding services. Moreover, the top English medium school in Jaipur offers the best facilities to enhance the skills at full pace.

The various facilities VSI international school provides are:-

  • Smart classes,
  • Math’s lab,
  • Science lab,
  • reader hub,
  • sports facility both indoor and outdoor,
  • computer room,
  • medical room,
  • activity room,
  • library,
  • canteen,
  • air-conditioned buses,
  • air-conditioner classrooms,
  • playgrounds.

Secured and Systematic Atmosphere

The very first thing which is important is the surroundings of the school. A systematic and secure atmosphere of the school is all needed by the parents for their kids.

Also, the selection criteria for many parents depend on the ambience and infrastructure of the school. As most of the time, their children remain in school so the school must be safe and secure.

However, VSI international school guarantees the best security and safety for the students. Children are under the observation of CCTV cameras and guards throughout the school timings.

Also, VSI international school has systematic learning, playing, etc., where they can develop skills and extra knowledge.

Educated and Caring Teaching Staff

VSI international school has an educated and caring teaching staff. The teachers of the English medium school in Pratap Nagar Jaipur play a big role in shaping the students’ future. And they are having all the qualities to encourage students to grow their skills and knowledge. They also, help in cultivating the abilities and talents of the kids.

All in all, teachers of VSI international school follow the approach of problem-solving for their students. The teachers pay sole attention to every student in the class. Above all, subject wise teachers are pro in their subjects and solve children’s issues as soon as possible.

Fee Structure

The fess structure of the VSI international is affordable under the minimal range for every parent. After all, VSI international school in Jaipur is better than any CBSE school in Jaipur, providing the best educational facilities. Henceforth, the school sustained in delivering the best quality education at economical fees.

Other Intelligent services of VSI International English Medium School

Above all, VSI international is also famous for its other smart services. But, parents want their children to learn all the extra activities together with their studies. Given below are some smart services-

  • Abacus
  • Dramatics
  • Quiz
  • Dance
  • Painting’s
  • Educational tours/picnics etc.

Conclusion of the Blog

From the above, we conclude that VSI international is the best elite and emerging school in the capital region of Rajasthan or India. The mission and vision of the school are to provide adequate studies to the students. All the above vital points make VSI international school the best English medium in Jaipur city.

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