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Every Thing That You Need To Know Before a Gastric Balloon Weightless Procedure in UK

There is no replacement for a healthy and fit life. Once you gain weight, losing the extra pounds can be a super tough job. Diet and exercise are a must for weight loss. But there are other procedures as well. Bariatric surgeries are not performed on people who have a BMI of less than 35. 

With the advancement of medical science, there are a number of different methods through which you can shed the extra fat in a non-invasive procedure. Gastric balloons are the latest addition to that list. Intragastric balloons are essentially medical tool or device that is placed inside your stomach. Did the introduction get your attention? Well then read on to find out everything that you should know about gastric balloons today!

What are gastric balloons used for?

Gastric balloons in the UK as well as in other nations across the globe are gaining popularity owing to their amazing positive effects. Usually, an absolutely safe treatment option, gastric balloons serve as an alternative to the medical surgeries that are suggested for losing weight. The inflatable balloon, positioned inside the stomach makes your stomach feel full and reduces the quantity of food being consumed. By filling up the space inside, the food you are eating automatically becomes less as now there is lesser space to fill. If you search ‘skin clinics near me’ on the web, you’ll see more and more wellness centers and clinics are recommending this technique of losing weight.

What are the different techniques involved?

A gastric balloon can be positioned in your stomach by following two methods.

Endoscopic gastric balloons:

This technique takes the help of endoscopy to place the balloon. Usually placed for a span of six to twelve months, the removal of the device also follows the same method. If the device is placed for a longer period, there can be health issues as the quality of the balloon can also deteriorate with time. 

Non-endoscopic Gastric Balloons:

Non endoscopic gastric balloons are deflated and in the pill form. Once the capsule gets swallowed it is then brought to its original size onside the stomach, by filling it up with saline. This technique is normally used for placing balloons for not more than 16 weeks or four to six months. 

The other variations of this gastric balloon are either adjustable or non adjustable. The ones that can be adjusted can be inflated or deflated depending on what works for the patient. The non adjustable type on the other hand cannot be reconfigured. 

How safe is the process?

The entire weight loss procedure that involves gastric balloons can be divided into three parts. The pre-operative bit, the post-operative care and the actually operation. While this process is essentially safe and the risks are almost nil, there can be certain side effects later on. This includes mild nausea, vomiting tendencies and indigestion. By following the diet as suggested by the doctors and exercising your body, you can get the perfect life that you want now, and what’s more, you don’t even have scars later on!

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