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Everything you should be aware of Grahan Trek


Location: Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

Trek trail: 18 kilometers

Trek duration: 2 days, 1 night

Trail time between 3 and 5 hours

Altitude: 7,700 ft (maximum)

The degree of difficulty ranges from simple to moderate.

The main attraction of the trek

  • Take in the stunning perspective of the alluring Parvati Valley from 7700 feet.
  • The eye-catching glimpse of vibrant green meadows and stunning valleys
  • Stay in exotic, warm, and cozy cottages and guestrooms in the villages.
  • People who are extremely welcoming and welcoming.
  • You will be in the lap of nature while you trek

How do I reach you?

The hike to the Grahan trek, a village 8 kilometers away from Kasol begins at a bridge close to the Kasol bus stop, from which one can access the area via private or public transportation. The path from the beginning is marked with arrows that direct you toward the summit.

About the Journey

in the province with loaded mountains in the Province of laden Himachal Pradesh, The Grahan trek close to Kasol offers a wonderful hidden treasure. At 7,700 feet above ocean level, the route is marked by villagers to make it easier for hikers to get to the top without becoming lost.

There is Grahan nallah flowing along the left, and the sparkling springs make the trek an enchanting path and an unforgettable trip. The tempting bridges and stunning view along the way give you an ongoing drive to get to the top.

There are only a handful of stores in the first part of the trek but there are no Internet or network services. According to the saying, one can be near nature, despite technological advances. In the absence of the internet, one is in the company of birds, the gurgling sounds of sparkling water that will accompany you through the day, removing any stress or strain If there is you have.

In a short time, you’ll be off the plains and taking an inhale of the mountain air.

It is possible to spend in a warm, exotic home in the village that is a residence for about 250-300 indigenous people. The village, being smaller and less impacted by humans and can enjoy the natural beauty.

One of the main aspects of this trek is the indigenous people. The trek is hard than a mile long and when you consider its topography, the village’s population is quite low. The village has no more than 80-90 wooden houses and between 250-300 friendly people. They will happily lead you to hidden treasures as they enthrallingly explain their customs and culture, and guide through the village. The majority of them are farmers in the fields, reaping crops such as apples, potatoes and others that you’ll see along the route. These folks are enthusiastic about telling you about their experiences and stories , and give you the familiar feeling and warmth that you’ll long for throughout the hike. They provide you with delicious local cuisine and make you feel like you’re at home.

The whole experience is unique and is an unique experiences. There are numerous treks to choose from but meeting one another and conversing with such warm locals is something you will never forget.


  • There are consequences for drinking alcohol on the trek, or even within the villages.
  • Light snacks and quick meals to snack on while traveling
  • Water bottle ( maximum possible capacity)
  • A basic first aid kit and simple first aid kit
  • Umbrella or raincoat
  • Torch
  • The best sports shoes that will make your walk pleasant and comfortable.


Each hike is unique and memorable, however, traveling to one of the least-visited destinations is sure to bring you great joy and an experience that is unrivaled. It’s like frosting the cake, which you’re likely to enjoy completely on your own. It’s a completely new experience, and exposure to something completely new, with less opinions and praises.

If you’ve visited Kasol and discovered what you were looking for, then the Grahan trek has more to provide. This hidden gem in Himachal is an absolute hike for anyone who is an adventurer and nature-loving person.

Make sure to take your camera and be prepared to bring your soul and heart with a peaceful experience unlike any other. The tranquility of nature and tranquility of the villagers The beautiful scenery and the stunning view from the top will surely leave a lasting impression of awe in your mind and heart.

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