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On our website you will find the option MATERIAL AND WASHING INSTRUCTIONS under each article, but you can also find information on the optimal care of your clothing on the labels of our How To Wash Zara Clothes?

Here are some additional tips, depending on the material used:


Clothing made of this fiber, due to its hygroscopic property and structure, provides a natural comfort and pleasant feeling. This makes cotton suitable for clothing that is in direct contact with the skin. Cotton can be washed using conventional processes, provided the paint and finish allow it. See the symbols and indications on the label for this.


This is an artificial fiber made of cellulose with an exceptional mix of properties: soft, strong, fresh, absorbent. It is a substance that hardly pills. The fabric does not wrinkle, does not shrink and is easy to iron.


As a natural fiber, wool has a high degree of moisture absorption, which makes it flexible and offers excellent insulation and protection against cold. Garments made from wool are virtually wrinkle-free, have a soft and warm feel and are suitable for winter and autumn clothing. In case of pills, the balls can be easily removed. Keep in mind that wool shrinks and felts. Therefore, this fiber should be hand washed or steamed at a low temperature, and always according to the washing instructions on our label.


It is a very resistant and versatile synthetic fiber. It has low moisture absorption and can be static. This fiber is easy to care for, does not shrink when washed, does not crease and dries quickly, but can pill. If this happens, you can shave or cut the fluff.


This natural fiber feels comfortable and fresh, is resistant, not very elastic and very absorbent, which is why we use it a lot in our summer clothes. We usually recommend hand washing as this fiber shrinks and wrinkles a lot.


Natural fiber with a very characteristic feel and shine. It has good moisture absorption. Silk cannot be washed at high temperatures and should not be spun. It is therefore not advisable to dry this fiber in the dryer. We recommend steaming it. Always iron with a cloth over it.

Down jackets and quilted jackets

Both natural feather and synthetic fiber clothes can be washed in the washing machine. We recommend turning the garment inside out and closing zippers and Velcro. Drying well is very important, because the feathers can stick together. You can use the dryer.

Leather and suede

When it comes to cleaning a superficial stain, we recommend using a damp cloth. If it concerns a stubborn stain and thorough cleaning is necessary, we recommend calling in an expert who specializes in these materials.

Avoid dropping off
Due to the dyeing processes used, some of our garments may release more than others. To warn you in advance, these garments come with information labels that read WARNING.

Garments with decorations
We recommend removing the detachable details from the garment before washing if possible.

Shoes and bags
As basic tips for the proper care of your shoes and bags, we recommend that you always keep them clean in an airy area and, if possible, with an element that helps them retain their shape. If it is a leather item, do not submerge it in water to clean it and if it has difficult stains, see a specialist.

In addition, we have put together a guide with recommendations to help you extend the life of your garments and reduce the environmental impact of the care processes. More information can be found here .

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