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Top Video Uploading Sites For Travel Video

If you’re looking for a place to upload your travel video, there are several free sites that allow you to post it online. But, you must keep in mind that there are some limitations to these sites. The selection of available footage is somewhat limit, and most videos are license under Creative Commons Zero (CC0). For example, if you’re looking for a video on “Coffee,” you won’t find many results. Similarly, if you’re searching for “Buses,” you’ll have a very small selection.


Travel video uploading sites
Travel video uploading sites

Toppurity video uploading sites for travel videos are available in a variety of formats and offer various features. For example, they support 4K UHD (60 frames per second) video toppurity and all of the major video formats. As a bonus, they also support monetization through third-party tools.


LiveLeak is a popular travel video uploading site that specializes in live streams, videos, and pictures. The videos can be high-quality, ranging from 4K to Ultra HD. The site offers direct access to content, and you can even follow other users and watch their videos. Premium accounts even allow you to watch movies. If you’re not interest in LiveLeak, there are plenty of other video uploading sites out there. You can also check out Xfinity Video, which is similar to Vimeo, but you’ll have to register to view their videos.


Travel videos are not the only types of content that can be upload to Metacafe. The platform is also home to many user-generated content, short-form content, and full-length movies. The platform has a few restrictions that limit its use, though. Videos uploaded here must not exceed 90 seconds, and the maximum file size is 100 MB. In addition, Metacafe does not automatically add videos to public channels. This means that creators must wait for the community to approve their videos before they are post to their channels.


NineGAG is a popular video sharing website that features videos submitted by users around the world. The site has over 41 million monthly unique visitors and a user-generated content (UGC) system. Users can vote on posts and browse “new and popular” content. The most popular posts on the site include music videos, movie trailers, and gaming highlights.


Veoh is a free video uploading service that enables you to post videos of any length and resolution. It also has the ability to syndicate content to popular sites and offers producers the opportunity to make money through revenue share or by charging a fee. The site also has a forum and group for users to post questions or comments about videos they’ve uploaded.


Swarmify is a full-service video platform that allows you to easily upload your content. It also hosts your videos on its own video player. It was establish in 2013 and earns $11.4 million in revenue each year. Users can upload video, images, and other types of content without downloading or installing any plug-ins.

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