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Instagram Features and Shout outs: How to Get Them and Do They Work

If you don’t mind spending money on giveaways, bots, or buying followers, it wasn’t easy to grow your Instagram account in 2019. You can still grow your account organically; Instagram features and shout outs can help you get your name out there. Buy Instagram Followers UK


Before I get into shout outs and features, it’s important to understand how your content will be used. To get shout outs or features on Instagram, your content should be great. People don’t want to be featured on the content they don’t like or don’t fit their page.

You don’t want your content featured on a page if it is not the type of content they want and is high enough quality for them to use. If the page is only about landscape photos, and you tag someone in a photo of yourself in front of a landmark in Europe, this feature won’t be possible.

What is a shout out on INSTAGRAM?

Shout outs are easier to explain than I thought, so I’ll start with them. Instagram shoutouts can be given from one page. There are several ways to do it. One of the most popular shoutouts involves an account featuring another in their stories. This is done by tagging the account and sharing their content. Viewers can click on the username to take them to that page. If they enjoy the content, they will be more inclined to visit the page and follow the person.

Do you want to grow?

One of my favourite ways to gain followers is through shout outs. It all depends on the person shouting out. A page with a large following doesn’t necessarily mean everyone will see their shout out. A few accounts with close to or more than a million followers shouted me out. In the first 24 hours, I had 400 500 followers. I got the same number of followers from another as I was getting at that time (30-50).

What makes such a difference? To shout you out, you need active followers. My page gets 100 to 300 clicks per shoutout. I had 650 clicks on a shoutout. This does not mean that all those people will follow the person. The content is what matters. They will follow if they like the captions and photos.

Story takeovers are something I’ve only done twice so far. One for @nextvacay (find my reasons why I love them there) and one for @girlslovetravel. Each one of them gained me some followers through comments and DMs. Although I didn’t see any significant increase in my followers, my profile views were higher on those days.

A shoutout from large accounts can help you gain hundreds of followers in hours or even nothing. Learn how to get shoutouts and features on Instagram.

How do I get a shoutout on INSTAGRAM?

Features are easier to obtain than shoutouts. It isn’t easy to ensure a shoutout. Find a page compatible with your story ideas to takeover a story. To see if you can work together. Seek out opportunities to collaborate with brands on a story takeover.

The best way to shout out your content/page is to read stories and then do shoutouts. @travel_inhershoes has the most followers. They will comment on stories and shout out those who commented with that emoji. This is also a way for me to interact with my posts and find new accounts to shout out.


It’s time to get to the features. Many feature pages allow you to upload your photo and tag yourself in the caption or picture (preferably both). Some feature pages are small and won’t get you much exposure. Some are large and can bring many new accounts to your site.

Each will have its own rules regarding being featured on your page. You must pay attention to the page posts and the rules they use to be featured. (More on this later). Buy Instagram Followers UK


Like shoutouts on Instagram, features can get a lot or little exposure. When I choose pages to tag with my hashtags or photos, I search for those with a large following. If an account has more than 200,000 followers but the photos get only 500 likes, it’s unlikely I will tag them. Buy Instagram Followers UK

My photo is unlikely to be seen by many people. I usually see an increase in page views and sometimes a rise in followers the day after a feature. Although I have not seen crazy growth due to a feature, I know some people have.


No. I say no because I have never seen a feature generate growth worth the cost. It would be great if I could gain hundreds of followers through a single feature. But, I don’t usually see enough growth to justify paying for a feature. Buy Instagram Followers UK

Some pages offer paid features. They charge you for a single or a few features, usually at a lower rate. You pay more to be featured quicker. These pages have DMs that range from $20 per post to $50 per post. Prices vary depending on which page you are.


Some rules must be followed when you want to be featured on a page. Many require you to follow the page. This makes sense. To find relevant content, many people use a hashtag. Some require that you tag them in your photo. Although it’s not common, some websites allow you to upload photos and have them featured.

Instagram is a great place to look for pages. Check out photos similar to yours, and then check the hashtags. Because people often stack them on top of one another, it isn’t easy to see which accounts have been tagged in a photo. Thirty hashtags can be used to tag 20 accounts. I use all of them.

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