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Growing Medical Marijuanas in Texas

While obtaining a Texas medical marijuana license may seem like a step in the right direction, it won’t guarantee quick profits. The state limits sales to epilepsy patients and has strict regulations on product formulation. While a Texas marijuana license will give a company a head start, it can also cost millions of dollars to get off the ground. Those are costs that many entrepreneurs are unwilling to bear. While Texas lawmakers haven’t made it clear whether they support the new industry, several Texas companies are hoping to make Texas a thriving market for medical marijuana.

In Texas, it’s illegal to grow medical marijuana for personal use, but there are a few ways to get around the laws. One way is to grow cannabis indoors. While growing marijuana outdoors is illegal, Texas law allows controlled agencies to grow it for medical purposes. While Texas is one of the toughest states in the country when it comes to marijuana laws, there are a few exceptions that will allow you to grow a marijuana plant for medical purposes.

The Texas Compassionate Use Act was passed by the state’s legislature in 2015, and it gave patients suffering from intractable epilepsy access to cannabis oil. House Bill 1535 expanded the list of qualifying conditions by adding post-traumatic stress disorder and seizures as qualifying conditions. The law also limits the amount of THC that can be found in cannabis products. It allows for research, but only in certain cases. If you’re not a medical marijuana patient, don’t waste your time trying to grow a plant for personal use.

If you’re interested in growing medical marijuanas in Texas, you can learn more about the process here. The first step is to apply for a cultivation license in the state. These licenses are expensive, and will not pay off in terms of how much a patient can use each year. Additionally, growing marijuana illegally is illegal and can lead to prison time. Therefore, if you’re interested in starting a cultivation business in Texas, you should check with a licensed dispensary.

The state is moving in the right direction when it comes to legalizing medical marijuana. Lawmakers recently approved the Texas Compassionate Use Program (TCUP). It was created to help epilepsy patients get access to cannabis-derived products. Texas would need to make the products available to more patients and remove the restrictions on THC (the active ingredient that induces a high) in order to grow a legal market. If this happens, it could be a top-tier state in the US.

In Texas, growing medical marijuanas is legal for a small amount. However, larger amounts are still illegal, and a conviction for a larger quantity can land a person in jail. While the state has not legalized marijuana for recreational use, the State Representative Donna Howard has proposed an amendment to the state constitution that would allow medical marijuana for recreational use. If you’re wondering about how to get a medical cannabis card in Texas, then get in touch with THCMDTELEMED now. Her bill joins State Senator Jose Menendez’s medical marijuana bill.

Although the Texan public is overwhelmingly pro-marijuana legalization, legislators are taking baby steps. In March, Fort Worth state rep. Stephanie Klick introduced a cannabis oil bill that targeted veterans suffering from PTSD. Unfortunately, many veterans testified against it. In the end, it was a victory for advocates of legalizing marijuana. The pending issue will allow medical marijuana businesses to establish themselves and build a brand.

Although cultivating cannabis is legal in Texas, it’s illegal in many states. Even with a low-THC medical cannabis Texas plant, growing can lead to jail time. Additionally, if you’re caught with a small amount of weed, it could affect your life. If you are caught growing even a small amount of weed, you could face jail time. The law also has penalties for cultivating and possessing medical marijuana. The penalties vary depending on the amount of weed found during a raid.

If you’re caught with cultivating marijuana, it’s vital to seek legal counsel. If you have been arrested for growing marijuana, the District Attorney’s Office is under pressure to prosecute those who distribute and sell it. If you’re caught, the consequences will be long-lasting. Thankfully, legal representation is available to help you navigate this process. Contact The Gracia Law Firm, P.C. to find out how we can help you fight charges of marijuana cultivation.

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