Friday, April 19

Have Influencers Gone Too Far?

Influencers possess a powerful platform from which to promote products, food, and fashion to their followers. However, with great power comes great responsibility – some influencers have gone too far, creating negative impacts for both their audience and sponsors.

Influencers must recognize when their influencers go too far – whether that means spitting on homeless individuals or endorsing diets that could harm their followers. Influencers who cross this line must make amends for this behavior immediately.

Authenticity is key

Influencers Gone Wild offer audiences a powerful means of engaging, but only if their authenticity remains genuine and genuine. Influencers who stray from being themselves may face negative repercussions from followers and legal action, sponsorship losses, damage to personal brand integrity, trust loss from followers as well as mental health concerns.

Influencers need to be able to create sponsored content that aligns with their personal values and beliefs in order to maintain authenticity in sponsored campaigns. Writing out all of the copy for an influencer campaign could cause it to lack authenticity, so a better approach would be for influencers to follow the brief in their own way and be creative about interpreting it – this ensures more genuine final products which in turn builds trust between consumers. Jessica Alba’s partnership with The Honest Company provides an example of successfully incorporating authenticity into sponsored content.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Reaching out for assistance can be difficult in Western cultures that prize self-reliance. But remembering that asking for assistance doesn’t equate to weakness; asking is actually quite powerful!

if you feel intimidated about asking for assistance, take small steps and work up to more requests over time. People will usually be happy and even enthusiastic to assist – and if they say no it doesn’t necessarily reflect badly on you – perhaps their schedules have other obligations or they simply cannot meet.

Try asking for help directly if possible; this allows you to read body language and facial expressions while providing them with an opportunity to give concrete responses rather than simply giving a vague “yes/no.” Additionally, most people enjoy helping others and find immense pleasure in giving back- something called reciprocity that serves as an effective motivator.

Be true to yourself

Being true to yourself is central to being an authentic person. This involves deciding what values and principles are important to you and staying loyal to those even when others disagree with them. Although being yourself may be challenging at times, being true to your values will lead to happier and more fulfilling days ahead than giving in to pressure from outside sources.

Unfortunately, some influencers have taken an overly ambitious approach to authenticity and run into trouble as a result. Some have been sued, lost sponsorships, suffered damage to both their personal and professional reputation, as well as losing trust from followers. It is essential for influencers to remember they owe it to their followers to always act in an ethical and authentic manner.

Be consistent

As the industry evolves from traditional influencers to content creators and genuinfluencers, consistency is becoming ever more essential for success. A steady social media cadence helps build credibility among followers while creating an impression of stability – which in turn affects their perception of authenticity of an account’s authenticity. Figo Pet Insurance shows this principle perfectly by posting four to five videos every week on TikTok to boost engagement and revenue growth.

Influencers often struggle to balance their online persona with real life, especially after becoming successful and popular. Influencers may become addicted to the rush of dopamine (a neurotransmitter which activates reward and motivation centres in the brain) that comes with likes, comments, shares, views etc. It can cause them to neglect other areas of their life and can result in controversy and drama which damages both brand and reputation. With some healing and redemption work it is possible for influencers to bounce back; just take care not repeat past mistakes when engaging in online posts again!

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