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How To Check (Sawa) STC Balance – Internet Data Balance

After buying a data sim, you will need to know about the balance and remaining data. So to check STC balance, There are many methods. But before we start, there are three possibilities with Sawa 65 Offer.

  • You bought a prepaid calling sim or internet package sim (quicknet).
  • You purchased a postpaid data sim (quicknet).
  • You activated an internet package on your calling sim.
  • Each scenario has a different method, So let’s discuss them one by one.

Check Sawa Prepaid Internet Balance (Quicknet) – Check STC Balance

If you have bought a quicknet STC prepaid data sim or calling sim, then you can query the remaining balance by using any of the methods given below.

STC Balance Check Code

To check stc balance, dial the code *166# and press call. The screen will pop out with information about the remaining balance.

STC MB Check Code

To check STC mb , send a code to a service number. To do that, write 2220 in the messaging app and send it to 900. you will receive the details of the remaining internet balance in a minute or two.


The 3rd method to check sawa data balance is by using the MySTC App. The app enables you to get all the details. Either it is data balance, qitaf points, or any other add-on you have. Install it on your mobile and register using your mobile number. The data sims also have a specific number. Use it to log in to the app.

In the next method, you can use STC Gate. It is a portal to manage the sawa sims cards. You can also check sawa internet balance by using it. Anyhow you will need to register first.

Another method is by calling the helpline of sawa. Dial 1500 and get the information about the remaining data balance.

Check STC Postpaid Internet Balance

STC Sawa names postpaid sims as ‘Mofawtar.’ These are also called quicknet sims. To check sawa postpaid internet balance, the best option is to install the My STC app. you will get plenty of other options and details as well.

You can also check the remaining data by dialing *166# and press call

The other method is by calling helpline 1500, and you will know about the balance.

Remaining Balance On A Calling Sim

Sawa offers plenty of data packages on a calling sim. These offers are pretty handy as you don’t need an extra sim. These packages include, sawa 30, sawa 65 offer, sawa flex (90), sawa share (110), sawa post and sawa star offers.

To check the remaining internet balance or data on a calling sim, write ‘8000‘ in the message and send it to 900

in a few minutes, you will receive the balance details.

The other way to check the balance is by using the MySTC app. install it and log in to check the balance.

For STC Special Internet Data Offers

STC Sawa offers special offers to its customers. But the price and validity are different for each customer. Firstly, to know what offers sawa is providing you, dial *888# and press call. Choose any offer and subscribe.

Now to check the balance of the special offer, dial 8885#, and press call. You will get the balance details within seconds.

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