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How to Restore Deleted Reddit Comments and Posts

Reddit is a social news aggregation and content rating website where registered users (known as redditors) can submit links, text posts, images and videos for other redditors to vote up or down on. Discussions take place within user-created categories known as subreddits.

Reddit offers several means of retrieving deleted comments and posts, such as the Wayback Machine, Google Cache and Reveddit.


Reddit is an online social media forum that allows users to post news stories and other forms of content for discussion by other members. While primarily used by nerds, Reddit has become an invaluable resource for people from all backgrounds. While some posts and comments may be deleted from Reddit itself, copies may remain accessible via websites like Wayback Machine or Google Cache.

If you are searching for a specific post or comment that Reddit has taken down, it can be helpful to understand why. There could be numerous reasons such as spamming, DMCA takedowns and API protests behind its removal.

Reddit makes it clear that when they delete content, they do not simply erase it from the internet; rather they update their version of it on the website.


But it’s not impossible to recover deleted Reddit comments and posts; third-party tools exist that allow users to search for deleted material on Reddit and view it.

These tools can help users recover posts and comments deleted by moderators or deleted by themselves, without breaking Reddit’s Terms of Service. Neither are illegal.

Recover deleted Reddit comments with ease by using the Wayback Machine, an online archive service that takes snapshots of websites. Finding deleted Reddit comments through this method requires some searching skills but is definitely possible.

Former tools, including Removeddit and Ceddit, allowed users to see cached versions of deleted Reddit posts and comments; however, these tools went offline around 2021. Unddit is a free website which continues this work where its predecessors left off.

Wayback Machine

Reddit utilizes a rolling versioning database system which keeps all edited/deleted posts/comments, so when someone edits a comment or gets banned/deleted by moderators, Reddit only updates its version so it will still be available for all users to see.

Wayback Machine is an internet archive website which captures screenshots of websites from the past to make them easily available in the present, including deleted comments on Reddit. Using it may also help restore deleted comments on Reddit.

Visit the Wayback Machine website, search for your post/comment using your browser’s URL bar, then view a bar graph and calendar to display screenshots taken during that date. Clicking any year will display those screenshots that were taken.

However, this method requires searching through many screenshots before finding what you’re searching for – potentially taking hours depending on its popularity during any particular date/timeframe.

Google Cache

Google Cache is a service that stores copies of web pages so they can still be accessed even when their original website is offline. The service works by automatically visiting and crawling web pages at regular intervals; more popular or updated pages get visited more often than static or less used ones. When Googlebot revisits a page it takes a snapshot and stores it in its cache – this can come in handy if you need access to information once available but has since disappeared – for example it was deleted or the website was compromised.

Reddit users have reported being baffled by deleted comments that are replaced with the mysterious number 2131953663 after deletion, leading them to speculate it could be an issue with Reddit’s code; other theories provide other explanations.

It’s a glitch

There has been speculation that these numbers may have their roots in Reddit’s underlying coding, possibly caused by an attempt at updating. While this theory remains hypothetical, their presence should not go unaddressed, since it reminds us that many citizens go through life without ever questioning what’s taking place around them – like Elon Musk and Oprah Winfrey who found success by going their own way and making lasting impacts through independent operation.

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