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How to Select The Right Dedicated Server Provider in UAE?

With a dedicated server, you get the highest level of cloud-based services, the best performance, and the best security for your website and applications. A Dedicated server in UAE gives more flexibility in comparison to another hosting. It gives full control over the server. You have the authority to take a decision server related such as you have a choice of choosing an operating system, hardware configuration, and other application or software that your website needs. 

Choosing a provider to buy a UAE dedicated server is such as difficult and important decision. Before choosing a web hosting provider to buy a dedicated server you should do proper research about the company and then buy a dedicated server from it. 

Here in this guide, there are eight Questions that you should ask a provider and then after buying a dedicated server in UAE from it. 

8 Questions You Should Ask The Provider Before Pick a Dedicated Server UAE

8 Questions You Should Ask The Provider Before Pick a Dedicated Server UAE

Below there are eight Questions that you ask the provider then after buying a dedicated server hosting in UAE from that company. These Eight Questions are such important questions. 

What Uptime Guarantee Do they Offer?

When we talk about web hosting then there is no other importance than Uptime and Reliability. It plays an important role. Your hosting company isn’t doing its job if they are not able to keep your website online and accessible to visitors. The best web hosting company offers a 99.9% to 99.99% uptime guarantee. If you choose a web hosting company that cannot offer a guarantee, then reading out about their Historical uptime guarantee is better to consider. 

Is It Free to Upgrade to a New Hosting Package?

When a business owner started an online business then in the starting phase they go through shared hosting. After a year when a website entered the growing phase or received a high volume of traffic, you need to upgrade to a VPS or even a dedicated server. 

The hosting company should be able to upgrade your site to a new type of hosting easily and without any downtime if your site reaches that point.

What Type of Security do You Have in Place to Protect Websites?

Business owners give the first priority to the security of the website. You have to ask the web hosting provider what kind of things you offer to protect the website. There are some security features that the best company offers with its dedicated server in UAE plans and packages. 

  1. distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) mitigation
  2. Virus and malware scanning
  3. Email Scanning 

Do You Offer a Free SSL Certificate? 

SSL certificate is an important certificate it not only gives a surety that your website is protected but also it gives a surety to the user that you visited a website is secure. You have to ask this question to the web hosting provider. There are some reasons why I said that is an impotant certificate because it helps in SEO ranking also and it is important if you want that your websites receive traffic.  

Do You Allow Add-on Domains?

Make sure your hosting provider allows multiple add-on domains if you plan to host more than one website. Having multiple domains is important for small businesses for many reasons. Whether you plan to do it now or in the future, you want your hosting company to support it.

What Type of Backup Policy Do You Offer?

You always want to keep the impotant data safe and secure. Suppose a website faces a problem then only a good backup policy can help to recover it. You have to ask about the backup policy of the web hosting provider, which helps to ensure that your site is always protected.

How Responsive is Your Technical Support?

If your website suffers from a technical issue then you want to fix this issue as much as possible. Whether this problem is happening by you or by your site. The first step is to contact a technical team to resolve this error. For this, you make sure that your web hosting provider offers 24*7 Technical support with the Dedicated Servers UAE Plans and package. In addition, they should respond to your request within minutes if your site is down.

How Fast is Your Internal Network?

It is very important that your website loads the pages quickly.  There are numerous factors that will impact the website loading time. And One of the most important factors is the internal Network of the hosting company. You’ll need to learn the types of connectivity that run from your site’s hosting server throughout the various internal devices until the internet is reached. For most internal networks, a minimum of 1Gbps is needed to avoid latency issues.


After readout the above article I think you will clarify what type of questions you have to ask a web hosting provider to buy a dedicated server in UAE. I suggested a Hostbillo Hosting solution to buy a UAE dedicated server at an cheap price. With a cheap dedicated server, UAE  Hostbillo gives many benefits such as a 99.90% uptime guarantee, Server Secure Advanced security, Free SSL Certificate, 24*7 Instant Technical support, Zero downtime free migration, Robust Network, etc. 

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