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How To Share Someone’s Story On Instagram

Share Someone’s Story On Instagram

Want to learn how to comprar seguidores instagram portugal on Instagram. I have some good news for you! In the next lines, you will find lots of helpful information about how to share another person’s story on Instagram. check now

Are you a good friend who can create Instagram stories? Do you want to share your new content with everyone whenever he posts it? You aren’t very familiar with this social media platform, so you don’t know how to do it.

Continue reading if you have trouble sharing your story on Instagram. I will show you how to do that and post an Instagram story on Facebook.

How to share someone else’s story on Instagram

Did you notice a story from another user on Instagram? Would you like to know how to share that story? It’s easy to share another user’s story on Instagram.

After you’ve identified the Instagram story that you wish to share, click the icon with an airplane symbol at the lower right. Next, use the Share menu to find the person you wish to share the image or video with.

This option does not exist if the user isn’t allowing their stories to be shared. This option must be enabled through the Options menu for Instagram Stories.

How to share another’s story on Instagram

On Instagram, you can share stories from others, as we mentioned in the introduction of this article. It is possible, provided that the author has not disabled the option and given a direct reference to the user who wants to share the content.


Launch the Instagram app to continue. Tap the story to be tagged if it was published by someone you follow. To see the stories posted within the last 24 hours, you can also visit the profile of the person who mentioned you in their story. Tap on their profile photo to access their profile.

Once you have found the story you mentioned, click the Add this content button. That’s all. To access the main Instagram screen, tap the house icon at the bottom menu. To access your Live section, tap the paper airplane icon (top-right). comprar seguidores instagram portugal

Identify the message you are most interested in and the words “He mentioned you in his story.” You must accept the contact request by the person you are not following by pressing the [number] button.

How to share someone’s story on Instagram using your iPhone

The process for sharing someone’s story on Instagram is very similar to what I already explained in my previous posts about Android.Note: comprar seguidores instagram portugal

Grab your iPhone and launch the Instagram app. Are you familiar with the IG Story in which you were mentioned? If so, who did it belong to? You can rely on that story. Next, select the Add this content option to your story.

Tap on the item Your Story at the bottom left of the screen to confirm sharing.

Clicking on the house icon in the bottom menu will take you to the Home section. To view the messages you have received and stories that you’ve mentioned, tap on the paper airplane icon.

Next, open the message that interests you. The message “He mentioned” about you will be in his story. To share the content mentioned in your story, click the Add this content option and tap on the item Your Story.


You can only share stories in which you are mentioned on a computer if you use the Instagram app for Windows 10. comprar seguidores instagram portugal

Launch the application to the popular photographic social network. Enter your identifiers into the fields Telephone number (or username), email, and password.

To access the Direct section, click on the paper airplane icon at the top right. Here you can view messages received and stories by other users about which you were mentioned.

Next, locate the message you are interested in and click on it. Next, click the Add this content option to your story and click the “Send to” button. Click on the Share option for your Story option.

Wait for the Shared content message on the screen to appear, then press the Finish button. This will complete the sharing of your story.

Share an Instagram Story with the Application

How can you share another person’s story on Instagram? You can also share stories on Instagram using apps for Android and iOS, such as “StorySaver for Instagram” for Android or “StoryRepost for iOS.” These apps will be covered in detail by me in the next paragraphs.

These apps are intended to save content from other people (stories, articles) but also allow for reposting, i.e., sharing. comprar seguidores instagram portugal

Further study will help you to save your Instagram stories in your device memory so you can upload them to Instagram stories later.

Story Saver for Instagram (Android)

It is the best app for saving and sharing Instagram Stories with other users. It’s free. It is free to download from the Play Store. To use it, log in with your Instagram account.

Next, locate the story you wish to share and tap the Repost button. Finally, tap the Stories menu item. This will automatically download the story in your Instagram Stories preview section. The story can be republished by clicking the Your Story button.

Story Repost (iOS)

This App is great for sharing stories with other Instagram users. After downloading it from the App Store, click the Close button to grant access to your photos.

In the text box “Type Instagram user name,” enter the name of the person you wish to respond to, and then click the “Search” button.

Tap on the name of that user and then tap on “Photo/Video posted [N] Hours/Minutes ago.” Next, tap the Repost button on the screen. Choose the Instagram item you want to open the menu.

Last, you must agree to open Instagram. You can then post content by tapping on the Story button and then on Your Story. More info

Share your Instagram story

I will show you how to share an Instagram story. Now that you have posted your story to Instagram, you want to share it with your friends. You can learn how I do it using the Instagram app for Android, iOS, and Windows 10. The operations are identical for all operating systems where the application is installed.

Start the Instagram app that you have already installed. If necessary, log in using your account data. Click on your profile photo to see the most recent stories, locate the one that interests you, and swipe up from the bottom to reveal the menu below.

To share the selected story, tap the share icon (represented by an upward arrow). Always act through the Views section. Alternatively, send the attached story via private message with the accompanying text to someone who’s already seen it.

Tap the icon containing the airplane symbol and the person’s name to do this. Next, enter a message in the Write Message text box. Next, click on Send.

Setting up sharing

Are you still able to share a story with other users but need to continue creating it? Do you want to share your story with specific people before it is published? In these situations, you have the option to do something different and share your story on Instagram as an “alternative.”

To create a story, go to the home screen and tap the camera icon in the top left. Tap on the icon with the gear symbol to access the Story options menu.

Move the lever on this screen from OFF to ON, corresponding to Allow sharing. This will allow other users to share your story via Instagram. After you are done, go back to the previous screen. Now you can start creating a story using the tools available.

Next, click the “Send To” button in the lower left corner. Tap the share buttons to send the story to Your Story and Close Friends. You can also share the story with someone specific by clicking on the Send element.


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