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How to Use a Unique Code to Join a Google Meet Meeting

Google Meet is one of the leading video conferencing tools on the market, offering easy use from anywhere around the globe.

Google offers several security measures designed to make meetings safer, such as meeting codes like /gefyxajsefw – which serve as unique identifiers for every Meet.

What is a meeting code?

Meeting codes are random text strings of letters you can enter into Google Meet meeting invitations in order to join a video access video conference. This convenient feature has become more widely adopted as more people work from home using video conferencing apps to stay connected with loved ones or colleagues.

Google Meet codes can be attached directly to an email or calendar invite, or pasted directly into its site and used to join a meeting directly. They make for the perfect additions to other features such as audio and video capabilities of Google Meet.

Meeting codes are one of the key advantages of Google Meet over other video conferencing applications and services; their unique nature enables multiple people to use one code at the same time to join different meetings without creating new accounts for each.

How do I get a meeting code?

Meeting codes provide an efficient and safe way for attendees to join Google Meet meetings, preventing people from overrunning one another.

Each meeting code comprises 10 letters divided into three sections; starting with “a”, each segment ends in “p”.

When starting a meeting on Google Meet web or app, use a meeting code provided to you and click Join button to initiate it.

How do I join a meeting with a meeting code?

When an invite requires using a code, there are multiple ways you can join. Clicking a link, opening Teams app or using browser are all effective means of joining.

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How do I end a meeting with a meeting code?

Google Meet offers three options when ending a meeting: Just Leave (if you wish to continue the meeting), End the Call ( to end it all together), or Exit from breakout rooms ( for all attendees).

Hosts can use the “Place participants on Hold” feature to quickly put their meeting on pause. Once this option has been selected, all attendees in attendance will receive an indication that it has been put on pause.

At present, this feature is only available to hosts with Workspace for Education Fundamentals or Education Plus plans; nonetheless, it provides an excellent addition to our meet platform that should become increasingly common over time.

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