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How to work with SharePoint

SharePoint enables organizations to find solutions to common business problems using ready-made web parts and applications with SharePoint Development. Your unique business scenarios will determine the type of site and web parts to use. Use this guide to help you understand how you can leverage SharePoint features to inform and engage your organization, collaborate with your team, and build community and culture.

There are several resources that can inspire your next SharePoint site:

SharePoint offers a variety of site templates that can help you quickly create sites for specific scenarios

Get inspiration from the SharePoint look book

Create your own websites using Guided Breakthroughs

How can I use SharePoint?

Review the example stories below to learn more about the website creation process for popular scenarios such as on boarding of new employees. Use the stories to see how different types of roles and departments in an organization can work together to meet the needs of their users and business goals. Understand the stages of creating websites – plan, build and manage – and the types of tasks in each phase. Then get started with creating the SharePoint site.

Product launch

Learn how a marketing manager created an internal website to increase employee awareness and readiness to support an upcoming product launch.

On boarding of new employees

See how an HR manager created a new employee website to improve new employee satisfaction and retention.

Employee Resource Groups

Learn how an engaged employee creates a new group in the company community to empower others.

Team collaboration

See how a product manager creates a project-specific team site, Microsoft Teams a collaboration to accelerate the launch of a new product.

More resources for creating websites:

Apply and customize SharePoint site templates

Plan your SharePoint communication site

Video: Create a team or communication site

Get inspired with the SharePoint look book

Walk through: Creating Websites

Microsoft 365 productivity library

Course on the modern workplace

Microsoft Tech Community – introduction as a help


If your company is on-premise SharePoint, or you have moved to SharePoint-Online, then you probably know the problem:

There is no one in the company who really understands how SharePoint works, and therefore the functionality is not used optimally. And the server is always only running at half power because no one knows how to optimize it.

To ensure that you get the most out of your Sharepoint, you can hire a Sharepoint consultant from us. We call it Sharepoint Admin-As-A-Service.

You hire a Sharepoint consultant who takes full responsibility for ensuring that the installation works optimally, and at the same time ensures that users are assisted so that they get the best options and all the help they need. Your Sharepoint consultant is also responsible for ensuring that the Sharepoint installation has as high an uptime as possible.

We agree certain fixed days when we are present on-site at your place, and ensure communication with the IT department and a time slot for support for the users. These days are supplemented by one or more days off-site, where we remotely ensure that all services and servers are functioning as they should. All in all, we take ownership of the servers – and possibly also the applications you have running on your SharePoint farm.

With SharePoint Online, there is naturally not quite the same need for monitoring servers, as that is what you pay Microsoft for. But if you need a support function for users, the offer is also valid for SharePoint Online customers. How can the agreement look like?
Below is a proposal for what a solution could look like – but we would much rather start from your needs – so you are welcome to contact us and we will find the solution you need.

The solution may contain the following:

One day a week on-site at the company, we are available to users for any questions and day-to-day problems
Two days a month to ensure that your SharePoint server is optimally configured and that all services are working as they should, reporting back on the state of the server.
5 monthly calls to the contact consultant with questions
Quarterly meeting with advice on further configurations etc

Extra services

Additional support questions
Monitoring of the servers

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