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How Women’s Clothing Has Changed Over Time

Women’s wear gets a lot of attention nowadays but did you know that there is a history behind the evolution of women’s clothing? Some of the influencing factors of the female fashion industry have been different cultures, influence of celebrities, pop music and similar factors and this industry has started to show major changes especially during the last century.

Women's Clothing
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The early eras and restrictions

The decades such as the 1920s and 1930s had females confused to one particular type of clothing such as long gowns with puffy sleeves mostly worn with tied hair, usually tied up in a bun. However, this changed due to a number of influences on the female fashion industry, letting women express their freedom to wear what they want.

Finding the way to express

The 1970s era was full of bright colours especially in terms of women’s clothing. Mostly the fashion trends were inspired by the music industry and the film industry such as Hollywood. Halter neck neckline became famous during this time period and even jumpsuits were quite prominent.

Not only those, Bell bottoms and miniskirts once again became prominent during this time. Clothes were very colourful as well. The type of fashion called punk fashion originated during this time and managed to survive during the early years of the 1980s.

Women's Clothing
image source: pexels

What happened afterwards?

The 1980s introduced a style of fashion for women that mostly focused on loose styles and as well as fitted clothes. It is mainly beloved that the 1980s were the period where women were given the chance to freely express themselves in terms of the clothes that they wear.

Past and the present

Miniskirts, platform shoes and similar type of clothing came into play mostly during the 1990s. The fashion trends during this time were heavily influenced by pop culture and hip hop. This is the time where the Internet was first introduced and that resulted in the spread of news regarding the latest trends in fashion very rapidly.

During the 2000s especially the year 2010 and after, fashion trends where the styles of previous decades being replicated was observed. Bottoms, mini skirts and dresses, crop tops for women and many items are considered to be heavily inspired by the fashion trends of the previous decade.

How much has it changed?

About a century ago, women’s clothing was all about puffy sleeves, long dresses and tied hair. While women certainly looked good in such attire, females nowadays have more freedom in terms of choosing what to wear and are capable of wearing jeans and suits which were once confined only for men.

While earlier females were judged based on what they wear and their fashion choices, things have changed at least up to a certain extent, for good. Nowadays women have the freedom to express themselves through clothing. They are not pressurized to wear a certain type of clothing at all times and different styles of the same type of clothing are also present. 

While the changes in the female fashion industry have been positive, let’s hope that it will continue to improve in the years to come. After all, everything is susceptible for change and that includes the fashion industry as well. Not only the female fashion industry things have certainly changed for men as well, and there is more to come.

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