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Ice Spice Is More Than Just Hip Hop

Ice Spice, 23, hailing from Bronx has quickly risen to mainstream music prominence through her debut single and viral video for “Munch.” She has amassed an immense fan base on social media as well as garnered the approval of major celebrities like Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

She doesn’t let fame deter her, instead welcoming it as an opportunity to travel the globe and perform at various festivals around the globe.

She’s a Bronx native

Ice spice net worth hails from the Bronx and has been honing her craft ever since she was young. While she had already established herself within New York’s drill scene prior to “Munch (Feelin U),” which became an overnight sensation and has seen her take the music world by storm since.

She’s released music on YouTube and TikTok, garnering millions of views and amassing fans across social media platforms. Recently, Drake even gave her some props by entering her DMs to support her work!

Though she is known primarily as a rapper, she’s not afraid to branch out when the mood strikes her. Her latest collaboration with British singer PinkPantheress takes a more melodic route and has received positive response from listeners.

She’s a baddie

Ice Spice (real name Isis Gaston), who first shot to stardom with her string of hits last summer, has experienced much change since. Notably, she scored several buzzworthy collaborations with major names including Beyonce and Lil Nas X but the 23-year-old Bronx native now has multiple projects under her wing beyond music alone.

She’s made waves in fashion as well, having made an impression alongside one of the world’s biggest style stars – Taylor Swift. Additionally, she knows exactly how to capture the attention of her ardent fans through Instagram posts that keep their attention captive.

She is producing some of the year’s best hip-hop releases, from her debut EP Like..? to her recent single “In Ha Mood.” We can’t get enough of listening to her TikTok-worthy creations either; so who knows, maybe we’ll see more of her soon enough! So take a look at her latest video below, and be sure to follow us on social media for entertainment news and pop culture updates!

She’s a gangsta

She boasts an impressive list of achievements. These include landing her first Billboard Hot 100 chart entry with Lil Tjay-featured track “Gangsta Boo.” Additionally, this track earned the largest streaming week of 2023 according to Billboard.

New York-based rapper K. Michelle has made quite an impactful mark in 2023 despite only being around for a short while. With over 142 million global streams to her name and recognition from Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, Spotify, The FADER, REVOLT and NPR among many other outlets – she is sure to become an industry standard soon enough.

Aretha Franklin recently released Like..?, a six-track EP featuring three viral hits (the title track, “Munch” and “Bikini Bottom”) along with “Gangsta Boo,” featuring Diddy & Ginuwine’s 2001 hit song “I Need a Girl” which she sampled for “In Ha Mood”. This track eventually reached No 82 on Billboard charts – making Like..? one of Dolo/TenThousand Projects/Capitol Records release date January 20.

She’s a princess

Ice Spice, the new “it-girl,” has made headlines online due to her vibrant orange curls and catchy songs (think drill music meets pop). Since releasing her debut singles last summer and landing a spot in Beyonce’s IVY Park campaign for IVY Park campaign as well as making TikTok videos with Kim Kardashian’s 9-year-old daughter North West, Ice Spice has seen immense popularity across social media.

She received an expert musical education, growing up with a father who was an underground rapper in the Bronx and taking his daughter along for his performances to absorb culture as she progressed through life.

As Spice began writing her own music, she turned to producer RIOTUSA who would go on to become her rap partner and co-write early hits such as “Name of Love” and “No Clarity,” tapping into their generation’s need for EDM bangers.

Spice has released a remix of her recent hit “Princess Diana,” featuring Nicki Minaj. The track boasts an elegant vibe, complete with a music video in which both women show off their assets.

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