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How Imginn Operate and How to Use It Efficiently

Imginn is a multimedia viewer and topic-based internet media aggregator it has the ability to preview and open files, as well as browse and download full-length videos, audio recordings, images, documents and more. Simply drag a file or paste its URL into the Imginn input field – or use the “Browse” feature: Imginn will offer you the user’s set of most likely content matching your search. It can be used on desktop computers with all popular operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X) through running in a dedicated virtual window (or using other ways such as Electron), while users also have access to Imginn mobile app for Android devices.

Where does Imginn come from?

“Imginn is a new product with the initial beta version released in 2016 by Itellium Solutions, LLC, a team of information technology professionals, information security researchers and contributors from the social media industry. Imginn is the company’s first application that grew out of a research project aimed at identifying vulnerabilities associated with social media aggregation networks. The purpose of this research was to be able to identify and map public content being shared across thousands if not millions of websites and apps – including those that have been indexed by search engines such as Google.

What do you need to know about this application?

it is a free and open source application (licensed under LGPL v. 3.0) hosted on GitHub from where it can be easily deployed or distributed to servers or computers that meet the software does not require any installation, other than the user’s computer running an operating system that allows running software in a virtual window (or using other ways – such as Electron). it also has a mobile version for Android devices (App Store and Google Play).

Imginn operates in the following modes

Sports Mode:

Allows to watch live sports events, head over to our Free section of the site and grab some sports news  to enjoy while watching your favorite events.

Community Mode:

Allows to browse through content created by users of Imginn, such as images and videos uploaded by other users of Imginn, documents organized in collections, web pages and more. To read more about community mode you can read the instructions in our help section.

Libraries Mode:

Allows to explore the immense amount of digital content available on the internet. The Libraries Mode contains a wide variety of multimedia items that are grouped into categories. From here users can browse or search for any item by entering keywords or its description (some items may have direct links to their sources if they are hosted on websites that support Imginn API).

Advantages for users of Imagin:

Easy to Use:

Imagin is a simple yet powerful tool for analyzing how your audience consumes content online. It provides brand new ways to understand how your audience engages with and interacts with the content you produce via social media sites, email newsletters, websites, or any other content that can integrate Imagin.

Early Adopters:

Imagin has been employed by multi-national companies including PayPal on their website, The Huffington Post on their email newsletters and by The Boston Globe on their website in conjunction with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Kevin Cullen.


Companies use Imagin as a metric to help them find more cost effective ways of staying in tune with their customers.

Download Any Size:

You can download Imagin at any size you need: web, email, application and mobile.


Imagin has all the tools you need to analyze how your audience engages with your content.

Distributed Graphs & Charts:

No matter what type of content you produce, use Imagin to understand how it is being consumed by your audience. Simple data visualizations with clickable graphs and charts based from the retrieved data. Integrations included for all major social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+) as well as popular email platforms (Aweber, Constant Contact, GetResponse).

Download from Images:

Imagin scrapes the images out of your website. That way, you can download them and use them for anything you want.

Web Integrations:

Imagin has built-in web integrations with popular social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+), email platforms (Aweber, Constant Contact, Get Response). You can add more integrations if you need to connect with different social networks or email providers. Imagin also offers a full REST API to integrate with any device or service available in the market. You can use our platform as a plugin on your own site or client’s site.

Fast Download:

The content is pulled and processed asynchronously while the user interface automatically updates to show the results. Imagin has built-in caching system helping you to reduce your server stress/load. Any quad core machine can handle 10k visits per day with ease.

Cross Browser:

Imagin works with all major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE8+) on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX operating systems. The code is clean, lightweight and easily customized for platforms other than what we support. Imagin works well on mobile devices too, smartphones and tablets of iPhone®, Android®, iPad® or Windows 7 Phone respectively (full featured mobile version coming soon).

Easy Sharing:

Imginn is a simple and efficient photo sharing service that saves you time and effort. Upload your best photos to Imginn, then share them on social media sites. No more repetitive manual uploads.

Effortless Organization:

With Imginn, your favorite photos are just one click away. Add as many folders as you want to organize your pictures by category, event or project for simple browsing.

Multiple Accounts:

Imginn is free, it’s easy to set up, and you can register with your Facebook account. You can also register with Twitter and Google+.

Fast Upload:

We process your uploaded photos quickly. The maximum file size is 10MB with a maximum of 10 photos per upload. This means you’ll be able to share your high-resolution photos without sacrificing speed or quality.

Personalized Content:

Integrated social media sites allow you to update Twitter every time you upload a new album or image. Everything is stored in one place for easy access at any time of the day, from any location.

Save Files:

To save your images, just copy the link that gets sent to you via email. Then open Imginn on another machine and import the same album right where you left off.

Good For You:

Imginn is easy to use, reliable and offers useful features at a reasonable price. Rather than spending time uploading photos to multiple sites, why not stick with a single product that does it all?

Streamlined Management:

Imginn doesn’t require the addition of any apps or extra software. All of your photos are managed through a single web interface so you can easily change passwords, view your uploaded albums and share them whenever you want on all of your favorite social media networks.

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