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Key Things You Need To Know Before Selecting Venue Booking Software

Now is the era when event technology is at its peak!

Event marketers had only a limited number of options back in the day. These platforms were useful, but they had some restrictions. As a result, it was challenging to locate venue booking software that was a perfect fit.

Today’s event professionals have access to a broad ecosystem of event platforms, each of which can offer different benefits. According to event marketing statistics, businesses are spending more money than ever on these platforms. However, the proliferation of choices has created a new problem: which venue booking software is best for your company?

We have compiled a few components to assist you in selecting the right event booking software.

First, you should ask yourself, “What am I aiming for?”

The most significant inquiry you may have with yourself is this one.

What do you hope to achieve with your event plan?

Are you attempting to provide your consumers, staff, business partners, or other stakeholders with a fantastic experience?

Do you hope to make a lot of money from ticket sales?

Are you organizing a free event and would genuinely appreciate it if everyone showed up?

Is acquiring and maintaining sponsorships a top priority?

Are publicity and exposure your main objectives?

No matter what your specific event objectives are, knowing what they are will help you select the event software that will help you achieve them.

Superlatives are something we try to avoid saying, but this one we can say with absolute certainty: No venue booking, and event management software can accomplish everything. Even if someone is very capable, they will still have diverse skills and shortcomings.

For example, most event management software often includes simple-to-use registration sites for events but lacks advanced analytics and promotion tools. Other platforms might offer extensive event promotion and analytics tools, but often lack features for interacting with users.

You will ultimately have to make do with an event management software that isn’t capable of doing everything. Your event software must accomplish the tasks that you have set for it.

How is my existing stack of event and venue booking technology assisting me in achieving my objectives?

It’s possible that you already employ venue booking and event management software. Perhaps you presently employ a variety of technologies to meet your venue booking and event management requirements. Are your resources adequate? Or should you give another option some serious thought?

You should consider how your present technology stack is aiding you in accomplishing your strategic goals. While also considering whether a new event management solution will be able to better assist you in managing your events. 

We advise completing a venue booking technology evaluation if you want to learn more about your tech stack. You should have a better understanding of how your present event technology is aiding you in accomplishing your goals and where there is space for improvement after assessing your event technology.

What kinds of competitions do I run?

Depending on your objectives and event technology, each event has varied requirements. A mobile event networking app will be much more beneficial at a conference or tradeshow than it will be at a training session or other internal activity. Similar to how having a large collection of event promotion tools will be much more crucial for an external event than for an internal one. 

The event management software you use should be customized to the events you are creating, regardless of whether you have a broad event strategy with a variety of event types or a leaner event strategy with a few event types in mind.

What are others’ opinions about the aforementioned platform?

Calling a buddy can be just as helpful while looking for event software as it can be when participating in Regis Philbin’s trivia contest for a chance to win a million dollars.

It pays to seek a second perspective, whether you are going out to your own network or beyond. In the beginning, you might want to get in touch with your network to find out what kind of event management software your colleagues are using and what they think of it.

Is there a free trial available for the platform in question?

Even after doing extensive research, you could still be unsure of whether a product would meet your needs. Here is when a risk-free trial can be useful.

Ask possible service providers if they will offer you a free trial, how long it will last, and how many people will be on your team. The more you can experiment with a platform, the greater sense you’ll get of it. Likewise for your group.

Ask why some features are not available or if the free trial is not available at all.

How much branding and personalization are offered by the platform in question?

The era of dull user interfaces that convey nothing to audiences about your brand’s identity has long since passed. This is especially true when a user interacts with your event brand’s digital content.

A tool for creating venue booking event management portals with event management software

A drag-and-drop website editor, for illustration. Look for tools that make it simple to have flawless venue booking experience when choosing a software or application. These consist of:

  • A website editor with drag and drop
  • a module for customizing event agendas
  • personalized email templates
  • a customized event app

You decide which brand attributes you require. So’s likely that you’ll want the choice to make your company’s branding prominent, and you’ll want to be able to accomplish it without having a headache.

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