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Massage Therapy-Types and Benefits

A good massage may have many health benefits. For example, it may not only help you to relax but also to manage your blood pressure, manage symptoms of depression, anxiety, menopause and many more. A full body massage may help relieve the tensions and release endorphins and also increase the drowsiness which could help you to get a good night sleep if you are having issues falling asleep. There are a lot of other benefits but did you know that there are different types of massages as well?

What is a couple massage?

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A couple massage is something that you would go for with a partner. It could be romantic partner or even a friend or a family member but the idea behind this type of massage is to be able to get a chance to spend some time with the partner. You and your partner will be on two separate beds or tables which would be positioned next to each other, by two different massage therapists.

This way you would be able to relax, connect with, bond and create some memorable moments with your partner. This is probably why some people say that you have missed out on a lot of things if you still have not gone for a couple’s massage therapy.

Other benefits of couple massage

This type of massage may also be helpful for individuals who would not like to go for a massage on their own alone. It gives the opportunity to experience the massage therapy with some one else. Also, some places that offers couple’s massage may also provide things like chocolates, fruits and juices which makes it a must to go and experience this at least once during a lifetime.

Facial massage- What you should know

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Another type of massage is the facial massage. While this might not seem that important or beneficial, the opposite is actually true. A facial massage is an important part of a skin care routine.  A good facial massage is said to apparently remove worn out or dead skin cells and dirt. The skin cells rejuvenate during a good facial massage which increases the glory of the skin.

It also helps to make the skin look more beautiful, radiant and fresh due to the increased blood flow to the face. Reducing the inflammation, detoxification, and increasing the skin health are some benefits of a facial massage. You can even do a good facial massage at home using your hands or even a handheld massager.

Last but not the least, the foot massage

Another type is a foot massage, which can be immensely helpful especially after days of standing or long hours or walking. However, a regular foot massage can also bring about many benefits and you do not have to wait until a long tiring day to get one done.

Since there a lot of nerve endings found on the soles, a foot massage is considered to be extremely healthy. It helps not only to relax but also to reduce migraines, muscle fatigue, increased blood circulation, etc. It is quite fascinating to see how the pressure applied to one part of the body can help many other parts.

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