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How to Move Snaps from Memories to My Eyes Only?

Snapchat is always known for providing one among the simplest privacy protection from sharing selfies and videos to saving them on Snapchat cloud storage known as recollections. A new feature that is My Eyes Only Snapchat helps a user to stay their selfies and videos ultra-private. this suggests that the social media app permits users to stay their selfies and videos hidden with a password-protected section within the app. 

This exciting feature not solely saves your necessary photos however it additionally hides them from obtaining seen by others whereas wanting into your Snapchat recollections section. many of us square measure still confused regarding the way to get the My Eyes Only feature on Snapchat or the way to hide pictures on Snapchat. If you’re curious however will it work or the way to get My Eyes solely on Snapchat, use the given technique below. 

How to Get ‘My Eyes Only’ on Snapchat? 

My Eyes solely is for special Snaps that a user desires to stay additional non-public. These Snaps are touched from reminiscences to ‘My Eyes Only’ and someone will solely access these photos when coming into a passcode. The parole for ‘My Eyes Only’ is totally different from the parole used for linguistic communication certain Snapchat. 

However, to open ‘My Eyes Only’, swipe up from the camera screen to open memories, then swipe left to the ‘My Eyes Only’ tab and enter your passcode. If a user forgets the

Team Snapchat will not be able to facilitate access or recover Snaps that have been set for ‘My Eyes Only’.

Setting Up My Eyes Only On Snapchat 

● Open memories by swiping up from the Camera Screen.

● Press and hold on a Snap and faucet My Eyes Only 

● Tap ‘Quick Setup’ 

● Then, type a passcode 

● Choose a brand new passcode that isn’t almost like the Snapchat login id or passcode. This set passcode is the sole way to access My Eyes solely.

● If you conform to the T&Cs of Snapchat then faucet the circle icon and then faucet ‘Continue’ 

● Tap on the ‘Finish’ choice to complete the procedure. In most cases, this is done to set your My Eyes only passcode, which can only be accessed by you. If you forget the passcode, the snaps saved in this personal section area unit are lost even though you complete the “Forgot password” procedure. 

● And now this way you have set up ‘My Eyes Only’ on Snapchat

Step To Moving Snaps From Memories to My Eyes Only 

● Swipe up from the Camera screen to open recollections 

● Tap on the “Check Mark symbol” at the highest 

● Select the Snaps and Stories you wish to maneuver to My Eyes solely 

● Then, faucet on the “Lock emoji” at all-time low and faucet ‘Move’ 

● Enter the parole to effectively affect the snaps.

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