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Best Online Classes For Class 12 Commerce- Accountancy, Bst, Economics

The Commerce stream in Class 12 is a most popular choice as it involves the study of important subjects like Accountancy, Business Studies, and Economics which comes out to be a base for a lot of ambitious and successful career paths. Online Classes for Class 12 Commerce is provided to the students as an alternative to fight the current pandemic such that students do not lack in learning due to the disruption caused.

12th Grade is the graduation year for students bringing an end to their entire school life due to this Class 12th students are often under a lot of pressure to gain maximum marks so that they could get into the college they wish for. Free online classes for class 12 CBSE is made available to the students so that they could study without any stress or distractions

Commerce has 3 compulsory subjects such as Accountancy, Business studies, and economics, it makes a very fruitful combination with subjects like mathematics, Computer science and also entrepreneurship. Students also often take the online classes for class 12 commerce so as they could understand the topics from the teachers they understand well and also could ask their query without hesitation. 

Online Classes For Class 12 Commerce- Accountancy

Class 12 Accountancy is a study of accounting principles and company ledgers. Accounts are one of the few important pillars which lead to the smooth functioning of any organization and takes the companies towards the journey of profit-making. Class 12 Accountancy involves Company ledgers such as admission, the retirement of partners, cash flow ratio, shares, and debentures, etc. 

As much interesting as these topics are, if not understood properly students can lose a lot of marks in their exams as the entire subject runs on rules formulas, and thorough understanding. 

Online Accounting Classes are the best way to understand these topics thoroughly with required attention and study materials. Let us first list down the factors required to be the best Online classes for Class 12 Commerce.

  1. Accountancy is a practical subject, hence there should be class 12 Accountancy Solutions NCERT available to students by the online classes
  2. The Online Accounting classes should be Live as well as recorded so that students could go back to these classes to get their doubts cleared
  3. Problem-solving should be available to be the best accountancy classes for class 12 online 
  4. The study material should be provided to every student so that they could practice it well.
  5. The classes should be taught by experienced teachers as it could be very depressing for students to confuse them more with wrong concepts. 

Online Classes For Class 12 Commerce- Business Studies 

Business studies is a theoretical subject involving Fundamental principles of Management, functions of management such as planning, organizing, staffing, direction, coordinating, and controlling. Class 12 Business studies curriculum also involves a major part of marketing management which is very important for any business to flourish. Business studies try to teach the students every concept related to the management of any small company or large organization. The factors listed below are important for any online Business classes for class 12.

  1. Live and recorded classes
  2. Study Material- Business Studies Notes, Solutions, sample papers, and previous year question papers
  3. The Business studies class 12 exams majorly involve case studies, the case studies must be taught for every topic as it is the most important topic for the CBSE class 12 Business exam. 
  4. There should also be problem-solving classes such that students can reach out if they are having problems in understanding any subject. 

Online Classes For Class 12 Commerce- Economics

Economics is gaining huge popularity amongst the youngsters who are every day talking about the economy of the nation and world. Economics involves macro and microeconomics. It teaches National Income and ways to calculate consumer equilibrium. The theory of demand and supply is an ultimate theory universally applicable to all the economies of the world. Being a subject of statistics, research, and analysis, just regular online classes for economics will not be helpful to students. Best online classes for class 12 economics must have these features-

  1. There should be interactive classes so that difficult topics can also be made understand to the students 
  2. Economics involves lots of graphs, hence the video quality should be optimum so that students do not end up making wrong graphs. 
  3. There should also be practical classes such that students could understand the formulae and graphs.

VidyaSetu Learning Learning provides all these features and gives every advantage to students available online. The class 12 accountancy online classes at VidyaSetu has all the attributes listed above. 

The case studies, study materials, Notes, sample papers as well as previous year question papers are provided by VidyaSetu Learning on their official website. The Video Quality is HD with clear sound so students will not get confused while understanding a graph or trying to solve a tricky question. Hence, it is clear and evident that VidyaSetu Learning’s online classes for class 12 commerce is the best alternative available to students looking forward to getting the free online classes for class 12 CBSE. 

Advantages of VidyaSetu’s online classes for class 12 commerce-

  1. Free of cost
  2. Experienced Faculty
  3. Full HD quality recorded Video Lectures
  4. Problem-Solving available’
  5. Interactive Classes
  6. Study material- NCERT Notes, Solutions, sample papers, and previous year question papers are all available. 

CBSE Class 12 Crash Course Online

The Crash courses available online are the best way for students to quickly complete their courses without any stress. Crash courses online teach important topics very quickly so students who might have got delayed in their preparation can go through these CBSE class 12 crash courses online and also online classes for class 12 commerce.

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