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Piso WiFi Pause

Piso wifi pause is an innovative feature that enables you to pause your internet connection for a specified period of time, helping you conserve data without using up too much capacity.

This article will demonstrate how to utilize and set up the pause feature, as well as disable it and customize its duration.

Disable the pause feature Piso WiFi Pause is a feature that enables users to pause their internet connection, helping them avoid overusing data or taking breaks without incurring extra charges.

To disable the pause feature on Piso WiFi networks, network owners must access the Admin Portal. This portal offers a powerful interface that enables owners to manage various settings and features.

One of the key features on the Admin Portal is the capability to set a pause time. This feature helps network owners effectively manage their networks and guarantee everyone has equal internet access.

Setting a pause time in the Piso WiFi network’s Admin Portal is as easy as going to the pause settings section. This simple process helps manage network traffic and guarantees all users have internet access.

Set the pause time

Piso’s wifi pause feature is an efficient way to keep your internet connection active when not in use. Furthermore, it helps prevent additional data charges from occurring while offline.

For frequent travelers who require to stay online, the pause feature is ideal. You can set it to pause for up to 15 minutes and resume immediately afterwards.

People who prefer not to be bombarded with advertisements while using public WiFi networks will appreciate this option. You can also use it to limit your device’s data usage, which is beneficial when downloading large files or watching videos online.

Before pausing your internet connection, you must first log into the Admin Portal. There, enter personal information and the SSID of the wifi network you’re connected to. After entering these details, reboot your device for changes to take effect.

Customize the pause time

If you need to take a break from using Piso wifi, you can customize the pause time. This feature is especially handy for frequent travelers as it enables you to pause and restart your internet connection at any time.

Altering the pause time on your WiFi network is a simple process. All that needs to be done is go to the Admin Portal and click “Set Up,” where you will need to enter your personal information as well as that of the WiFi network you are currently connected to. Once this has been done, click “Save.”

Customizing the pause time on Piso wifi helps you manage your network traffic and guarantee all users have equal access to the internet. It also prevents users from overusing bandwidth, leading to slower speeds.

To enable the pause feature on your Piso wifi network, log in to its administrative interface using IP address From here, you can configure various settings and features of your Piso WiFi network.

Restart your device

One of the greatest features many Internet service providers provide is the option to restart your device. This comes in handy for travelers, who often need to leave their devices connected to a WiFi network while away from home.

Piso wifi’s pause time feature enables you to suspend and resume your internet connection as needed. This can be especially handy for those who use public WiFi networks that may be overrun with advertisements and other distractions.

Piso wifi’s pause feature is easy to set up and works even on slower connections like those used by mobile devices.

Unlike many other pause-time services, you won’t be charged for data usage during the pause period. This feature helps you save money when traveling and gives you peace of mind while using your devices.

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