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The Benefits of Prostacel Alprostadil Injection

Prostacel Alprostadil Injection is a medication that is use for impotence. It is available as an injection and as an intraurethral suppository. While the latter isn’t frequently use, it is still an effective treatment option. There are many injection products available and the procedure is the same for all of them. To avoid the risks of overdose and permanent damage to the penis, however, it is important to learn the correct injection technique.

Prostacel Alprostadil Injection Tablets

Prostacel Alprostadil Injectable Tablets are use for the treatment of hypertension. They are available in two dose sizes: single-dose and double-dose. The dose is determine in your doctor’s office. You should not use more than the recommended dose unless your doctor recommends it.

Alprostadil is a prescription medicine that belongs to a group of medications known as vasodilators. They increase blood flow to the penis and help men achieve and maintain erections. However, it is important to note that Alprostadil should not be use by men who do not have ED because it can permanently damage the penis and result in loss of erections.

Prostacel Alprostadil Injectable Tablets have several side effects that should be consider before use. One of these side effects is infection. The medication may cause bleeding at the injection site, which can increase the risk of blood-borne disease transmission. Patients should visit their physician for regular checkups to monitor their condition.

Prostacel Alprostadil Injection price India

Prostacel Alprostadil Injection a drug used to treat patent ductus arteriosus, a heart defect. This medication is effective in improving the circulation of blood in newborns. The price of this medication in India varies depending on the dosage and quality of the medicine.


Prostacel Alprostadil injection is use to treat patent ductus arteriosus, a heart defect. This medication helps improve blood circulation in newborns with patent ductus arteriosus. This drug does not cause adverse reactions. It should be use according to the instructions.

It is known that Prostacel Alprostadil Injection induces erection by relaxing the trabecular smooth muscle. This action of alprostadil causes the cavernous arteries to dilate and expand. This dilation in turn compresses the venules against the tunica albuginea and leads to an erection. This process is known as the corporal veno-occlusive mechanism.

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