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16 Easy Ways To Sell Cardboard For Cash In 2022

You should budget between 50 cents and $1.50 per box for the most popular box sizes. Depending on their size and the demand in the market at the time, Gaylord packaging can sell for at least $4 per box and even more. Selling to customers who reuse cardboard boxes rather than a cardboard recycler will result in greater financial success.

You can be limited to selling damaged packaging solutions to recyclers if they are too damaged. Cash for recycled packaging is still preferable to no money at all, though. The following are 16 important places where you can easily sell them. 

Craigslist To Sell Cardboard Boxes

Because you gather the cardboard, selling locally on Craigslist or a Craigslist substitute may be your best option. The buyer may even come to your home or place of business to pick them up. Some neighborhood businesses that buy cardboard and used pallets promote their buying services on Craigslist in addition to their listings for sale. Ask what their offer is instead of waiting for them to call you.

Boxcycle The Following Packing Supplies Are Available For Sale Through Boxcycle:

  • They include moving boxes, standard boxes, file boxes, narrow boxes, electronic boxes, mailers, and wine boxes
  • Pallets; Sheets and pads; Bulk cargo boxes (Gaylord packaging ); Box kits; and Packing supplies

One of the most varied sites for selling cardboard is BoxCycle. BoxCycle will get in touch with all prospective customers after you offer your packaging for sale. As soon as the buyer collects them, you are paid. It may be simple money if you can regularly obtain 500 boxes each month to satisfy this requirement.

U-Haul Box Exchange

On the U-Haul Box Exchange, you may sell your used cardboard boxes for sale to other families who are about to move. You can utilize the exchange to look for free boxes because some businesses will give them away.

e-Bay To Sell Used Cardboard Boxes

On eBay, many people are offering for sale their used cardboard boxes. You can list any type of box on eBay, including new, secondhand, and moving packaging solutions from Amazon. When figuring out your selling price, be sure to include seller fees and shipping costs. You can choose eBay’s local pickup option if your huge quantity is too expensive to ship.

Container Exchanger

Used Gaylord packaging that you could have purchased from a nearby factory can be sold using ContainerExchanger. You can sell 200 packaging items or more at once. Each white cardboard box has a potential value of $35, depending on its size and condition. You can use Container Exchanger to sell your Gaylord packaging in one of two ways. You can use their “Sale Ads” tool to list your inventory as one option. Utilizing the “Want Ads” to match your items with potential buyers’ needs is the second selling strategy. Contact Container Exchanger when you’re ready to sell, so they will list your packaging for you at no cost.

At, you may sell shipping white cardboard boxes and Gaylord totes. Some damaged items are even accepted! To begin the selling process, send a picture of your packaging along with the dimensions and number of your most popular box size. Due to the fact that UCB does not need you to bale your packaging before selling them, it may be a desirable choice. You won’t be charged for delivery or pickup either.

Duffy Box

Since 1930, Duffy Box has been purchasing and reselling discarded small cardboard boxes. They currently own over 200 trailers that can rapidly transport your used cardboard to a buyer, making you money while keeping our landfills free. Get a price estimate by contacting Duffy Box.

Quincy Recycle

Gaylord packaging is one of Quincy Recycle’s specialties, which it buys and sells all across the country. If you reside close to one of their recycling facilities, they also provide B2B (business to business) recycling of corrugated cardboard and paper. For Quincy, you must sell a complete truckload or less than a full truckload of products.


From American and Canadian vendors, Rebox purchases a range of open cardboard boxes. Rebox is more interested in purchasing directly from businesses that have a lot of cardboard scrap, excess inventory, and job lot boxes that private sellers do not. Leave a comment with all the relevant details about your inventory along with your contact information to receive a quote.


Since they have been purchasing cardboard since 1952, Sadlers can be your best alternative to sell used packaging. They purchase both new and pre-owned cardboard packaging solutions in the most popular sizes. Your odd-sized boxes may still need to be recycled, but obtaining a free quote will reveal just how much you can earn.

Recycler Finder

You may always find a local cardboard recycler who will sell your cardboard to a paper mill so that it can be turned into a new white cardboard box if you are unable to find a buyer to reuse your packaging. Local cardboard and paper product recycling facilities within 50 miles of your zip code are included in the free database Recycler Finder. 

Look For A Local Recycling Center

To locate a nearby recycling facility, you may also search Google using the term “Recycling Centers Near Me.” Call them and find out how much the cost is of cardboard. Visit the recycling facility with the best purchase price if there are multiple locations that buy used small cardboard boxes

Recycler’s World

You can list both loose and bagged cardboard boxes on the online classifieds site Recycler’s World. On the website, local buyers who post their presently popular things are also available.


You may find regional scrap cardboard recyclers worldwide using the free service RecycleINMe. In order to see whether you can sell your items for a little extra cash or time by avoiding phoning every recycler individually, you can also submit a sale offer.


Padnos provides local, regional, national, and international purchasing opportunities because you may sell your die cut cardboard boxes straight to a paper mill. Considering the market demand, your cardboard may sell for a spot or contractual price. You must have a substantial supply of cardboard that is ready to sell if you want to sell to Padnos.

Finally, You May Always Dispose Of Your Boxes

Finally, you may always dispose of your cardboard box sleeve in the nearby landfill. Instead of burying it, they must try to sell it so they may get paid. County landfills use the money they get from the sale of recyclable materials like cardboard to pay for the costs associated with picking up and burying your regular waste, even though you won’t directly benefit from the sale. Because of this, your landfill won’t be overflowing with recyclable cardboard, and your monthly rubbish collection charge may stay as low as possible.

The most frequently recycled material is cardboard. Many consumers and businesses are not getting reimbursed for their cardboard, either recycling it or tossing it away. You may earn some additional money while lowering the quantity of cardboard waste in your neighborhood by taking advantage of this fantastic opportunity to sell cardboard boxes for money.

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