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Signs That You Should See Your Gynecologist

A gynecologist is a medical professional who specialize in the care of women’s reproductive systems. Patients will benefit from both the treatment of common illnesses and the preventative care that he or she will deliver.

A skilled gynecologist will also educate their patients about potential dangers and the steps they may take to avoid them. It is common knowledge that women should make an appointment with a gynecologist once a year starting around the age of 15 or 16. However, what if there are problems that take place in the time between checkups that cause you some concern?

It is possible that your vaginal problems do not require any intervention at all. It is also possible that you have a small infection that is highly treatable. However, if a gynecologist is not consulted, even a mild issue may develop into a serious one. In addition, symptoms that occur in the vagina can sometimes be an indicator of more severe diseases. Here are the signs that you should see your gynecologist right away.


Your labia should be checked by a gynecologist if you notice a lump, blister, or other abnormality in your vagina. Most probably, it is possible that the lump is nothing more than an ingrown hair, but it is also likely that it is a genital wart, which is an inflammation produced by a sexually transmitted disease.

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Pelvic Examination

A pelvic exam should be performed annually to check any abnormal growths that may have occurred. Women who are experiencing unusual discharge should be examined by a doctor.

Maternal and Infant Care

There are many benefits to seeing an obstetrician gynecologist when pregnant. Making a visit as soon as you believe or learn you are pregnant is a smart move. During your pregnancy, your gynecologist will check in with you to assure that everything is developing normally and resolve any issues that may take place.


It is common for women to suffer stronger periods as they get closer to menopause and to have bleeding in the first couple of months after using a variety of forms of birth control. If, on the other hand, you experience vaginal bleeding that was not predicted – for instance, right after menopause, you have to consult a gynecologist to determine the cause of the problem.

Breast Problems

A gynecologist will be able to tell you whether or not something is new in your breasts, such as discomfort and lump. They are grounds for problems regarding breast cancer. In the vast majority of cases, such problems do not indicate the presence of cancer, particularly if you have not yet experienced menopause.

Pain while Having Sex

A gynecologist has extensive experience dealing with this matter, despite the fact that it is another sensitive subject to bring up in conversation. Imagine that you are suffering discomfort while engaging in sexual activity.

Many women report that their monthly menstrual cycles are a major source of distress. Headaches and lower abdominal cramping are among the symptoms that can make those few days feel like an eternity. So, if you always have painful menstruations, see a gynecologist immediately.

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