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Super Cool Apps to Relive the Harry Potter Magic Once Again!

Despite coming to an end many years ago, the Harry Potter magic is one franchise that continues to live on. While this global phenomenon may initially have been based on the book and the film series, which was soon followed by websites, video games, and related memorabilia, HP smartphone apps were the last to be added to the Harry Potter universe. Now HP fans can revisit their favorite wizarding world via some fantastic apps, created exclusively for Android and iOS users.

The Sorting Hat

It is impossible for a Harry Potter fan to not be in love with the Sorting Hat, after all this is where it all begins, right? This is usually the first thing all HP Fans want to know – what house would they be sorted in at Hogwarts. And that’s where this fantastic app comes in. The Sorting Hat app sorts out HP fans into one of the four houses of Hogwarts, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw.

The four houses are named after the four founding members of the school who embody different qualities. So if a fan has attributes of bravery, they are sorted into the House of Gryffindor. If a fan considers intelligence, a love for learning, and wisdom to be their prime feature, then they would be sorted into the House of Ravenclaw. If a fan considers themselves to be fair-minded, tolerant, and hard-working, then they would be sorted into the House of Hufflepuff.

And if a fan would consider themselves to be single-minded and shrewd individual(s) with a strong sense of self-preservation, then they would be sorted into the House of Slytherin. While the app helps one find out which house they are in, there are innumerable interactive activities that keep the users entertained. Download the Sorting Hat app now and enjoy the countless Hogwarts-themed games and activities for free on your Android phone!

Harry Potter: Puzzles and Spells

Harry Potter: Puzzles and Spells are match-3 games, better known as puzzle games. In match 3 games, the gamer is supposed to match the correct tiles together, so that they disappear. Developed by Zynga, the game experts made sure that all players didn’t require much, except an avid in the popular fiction series and reliable internet service to play all day long. Why not put an internet connection such as Mediacom Columbia Moto good use and play to your heart’s desire! Not only do players enjoy the effects of chocolate frogs, trolls, and dragon eggs in this fantastic gameplay, they can even use some of their favorite spells to knock out hurdles coming their way, such as a simple spell like ‘WingardiumLeviosa’ will make objects or items fly out of the way. As the players gradually progress through the various levels, they can enjoy the classic recreations of various HP moments along with the countless wonders of the magical world. Download the app now!

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Another Hogwarts-based app that’s bound to become a favorite of HP fans is the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. The gameplay revolves around the players enrolling as Hogwarts students. Once they are in the castle, players have the option to personalize their characters, become a part of any one of the four houses, purchase a pet, and master their favorite spells among other options! Not only do the top characters such as MC Gonagall, Snape, or the headmaster, Professional Dumbledore guide them along their journey. But they will have the opportunity to unveil the mysteries that haunt the castle. Download the app and enjoy being a part of this world of fantasy and magic!


If you don’t have much time to play HP-based games or indulge in any kind of related fun stuff but still want to be a part of the world of Hogwarts, then try Lumos. This was a spell that would turn on and turn off the light on their phone, no matter where a person was. And that’s what makes this app truly interesting, especially for non-game-playing individuals. The app uses voice recognition technology so that individuals can make the Lumos spell work without a hitch. The individual has the option to choose from any one of the five wands. Although this is a free mobile app with no in-app purchases, individuals will need to be connected to the app at all times. Utilize a super cool service package such as the Mediacom Internet 200 plan and use the app to cast this fun spell wherever you are!


Another enjoyable app that’s based on the HP series is Spelly. Using elements from the magical universe created by J.K.Rowling, this is a fun game app, especially if spells are your favorite feature of the fiction series. Being a key element of the magic world of HP, this game app aims to teach gamers some new spells while also checking their spells’ knowledge. Apart from the spell-related games, all the enchantments are divided into various sections, players can mark their favorite ones. Moreover, simply shaking their phone will pop new spells on the screen! Download now and get ready to be charmed by the HP universe.

Wrapping Up

While the above-mentioned apps allow HP fans to explore their beloved wizarding world once more, these ensure that a person has more fun than they have, on the gazillion Muggle apps installed on their phones.

Download any one or all of them and enjoy the magical surprises that await you!

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