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<strong>Fulvic Acid Benefits and More | Ultimate Guide</strong>

Fulvic Acid Benefits and More | Ultimate Guide

An organic acid called fulvic acid can be found in places like soil and sediment, as well as water sources like rivers and streams. It's a byproduct of humic substances, which are formed when microbes break down organic matter. Fulvic acid consists of a wide variety of small, organic molecules that are easily dissolved in water. It is commonly used to increase the bioavailability of minerals and other nutrients by chelating them. Antioxidant properties in fulvic acid have been postulated, and there is some evidence that it may also play a role in immune system regulation. Fulvic acid’s benefits extend beyond just helping the environment; it's also in some dietary supplements and topical treatments for medical issues. However, more study is required to determine its long-term effects...