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<strong>A Guide to Making Weed Silicone Mold</strong>

A Guide to Making Weed Silicone Mold

Epoxy resin castings and miniature artworks take some talent, a good sense of proportion, and some creativity. However, this task also calls for negative molds that are appropriate for it.  There are currently a lot of epoxy resin casting molds accessible, although some of them are unfinished.  So what can you do if a casting mold in the desired shape is not available? In this book, we will outline the key concepts and techniques for producing your own silicone molds efficiently and rapidly. The Basis for Epoxy Resin You will require the epoxy resin in liquid form and the proper hardener if you intend to complete epoxy resin tasks on your own.  Then, based on the specifics of your project, you might decide to use extra supplies like paints (for example, Alcoh...