Thursday, September 29

The Benefits of a Hollow Metal Door

A hollow metal door can be made to fit into your home, office, or commercial building, whether it’s new construction or a retrofit. The material is made of channel-reinforced steel sheets filled with a combination of polystyrene, kraft honeycomb, or polyurethane. A standard metal door is typically about one to three-four inches thick, with a prime coat paint finish. You can choose to leave the door raw, or add a decorative finish like a color.

The benefits of a hollow metal door are impressive. Not only do they offer superior insulation and security, but they’re lightweight and aesthetically pleasing. These doors are ideal for both interior and exterior projects, and Kamco supplies several different styles from top manufacturers. Contact us for assistance in meeting your project’s specifications. You can even request samples to help you make a decision. After all, no one wants to have to live with a poorly-constructed door for months.

An exterior hollow metal doors can be flush or have louvers or panels. The two frames are connected by a hinged frame and a nailing flange. The two-part hinges are used to install the door. During installation, you should measure the width of the opening and the height of the door to ensure a correct fit. In addition to these, you should take note of the actual size of the door. Its nominal size is the distance between the header and the rabbets of the frame.

Compared to standard metal doors, a hollow metal door will last for many years. They’re highly resistant to wear and impact, and they’re UL-listed for fire resistance for up to two hours. Since the metal used for a hollow metal door is insulated, it can be used to save energy, lowering your energy bills. Shop metal door now from Door Closers USA. And because they’re lightweight, you won’t have to pay for labor to install them.

The hollow metal door is a workhorse of security. These doors consist of a steel frame and a metal skin with cutouts for the hinges and locks. A standard hollow metal door is fitted with a mortise lock and hinge mounts. Better hollow metal doors will include an electrical pocket for mounting a magnet. This door is convenient to operate with an automatic door operator. Aside from its excellent security features, hollow metal doors are also easy to use.

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