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There are men who destroy you and others who rebuild you.

There are men who destroy you and others who rebuild you. You have to be able to get up when everything hits you in the heart. You have to be able to rebuild yourself after having suffered in love, after having had your heart completely broken.

If some of us manage to move forward without too much injury to the soul in love, others will take a considerable time to regain confidence in love and to put one foot in front of the other.

Love is a limitless quest that involves many realizations. Rebuilding oneself in love is a learning path that will require a lot of resilience and responsibility.

If some relationships are devastating, it is because they are partly based on a myth or beliefs, and as soon as we manage to put reality in our love stories, then we become actors in our version of love, and we begin to build a real foundation of it.

Some men will be on this same path of resilience and will be able to provide us with the materials necessary for this self-reconstruction.

Because love is, above all, a relational connection to the other that we must also heal together and not only in solitude, to open our arms to trust, to rebuild oneself in love will require an opening of one’s heart and an awareness of one’s own limits of the acceptance of pain in love.

The beliefs of love: between myth and reality

Love is the strongest indicator of self-confidence. Because he is both the one who will give us back our momentum and the one who will remind us how important it is to give love and to receive it, but he is also the one who can make us suffer so much when our inner compass no longer exists when everything seems to go to dust.

One must have suffered, it is true, to know what self-destruction is, what the limit of life is, and what the ravine of pain is. It is necessary to have loved deeply to offer oneself to the feelings and to dare to go towards the reconstruction of oneself.

Some men will touch our life with their malevolent and manipulative hands, and other men will touch our souls. They will always care for you, he wil share I love you images, Good night images.

Beliefs about love are pretences that can create painful love relationships that turn out to be devastating. How many of us dream of perfect love? How many women and men are there who wish for an indescribable love that would exceed entire lives!

How many men and women end up not believing in love anymore?

Because since our childhood, we navigate on the identity of love like a mirror to the larks where stories and beliefs have rocked us with illusion or hope to impose on us this vision of magical and unique love.

Yet even if these stories have partly built us in our vision of love, Bruno Bettelheim, in his psychoanalysis of fairy tales, specifies that tales are there to immerse us in a representation of ourselves that we all create unconsciously.

We are bathed in our psyche, which defines all our mental activity, both conscious and unconscious. And so, when we talk about love like a fairy tale, we are in this dreamlike childhood experience. It happens that as adults, we do not go beyond this stage and that we are therefore madly disappointed by love.

We let unhappy and suffering people come to us who will destroy us in part.

But there will come a time when our consciousness of love will come to rest all the very foundations of love. We will see the one who arrives in our love universe no longer as a success or a fulfilment of ourselves but rather as a reality with which we will have to evolve. This is why some men, like some women, will be there to destroy you and others to rebuild you because everything is connected to this stage of awareness. The important thing is to know how to set adequate limits to suffering.

Get out of destructive patterns to go towards the reconstruction of love.

If we then looked at love as another version of ourselves. Suppose we considered love as a second life companion. A witness of our soul to whom we must give confidence and authenticity. Getting out of destructive patterns to go towards the reconstruction of love requires time and sincerity with oneself.

You can remain in the same controlling and enslaving love affairs indefinitely, and you cannot escape unscathed as long as you remain in this myth of dreamlike love.

Have you ever asked yourself the question and if I had made another choice, would I still have arrived at the one you met, loved, and that you consider somewhere in your dreaming heart as your possible soul mate, as your evidence even if the latter or the latter makes you suffer. And if you simply attracted what you yourself are in love.

That’s quite a realization, then. Because those who will have destroyed you have only shown you that you mistreat yourselves in your love, that you do not guide the hand of love to your heart. You let these people, these patterns repeat themselves to an endless end.

How do you get out of these destructive patterns?

What is love for you? What is this vision of the heart that would reunite you entirely inside? To ask these questions is already to go towards the reconstruction of oneself.

When you have this intimate dream of love, not that of the idyllic encounter but that of truth, trust, sincerity, your completeness, then the destructive patterns will disappear. It is no longer men or women who will destroy you but men and women who will repair you, who will rebuild you.

For that, you have to dare to write your dream of love. You have to dare to speak with your soul to know who you really are in love.

You have to go to the words of your soul to find yourself in love and put the true intention of a meeting that will reunite you. Attracting true self-love is writing with the blood of one’s heart, with the rhythm of one’s breath.

Rebuild yourself in love thanks to the relationship

I dare to believe in a reality that would already bring together the energies, the souls of people who are ready to love and welcome each other for better or for worse. Love is a relational power that brings people together to fulfill themselves and offer themselves the most beautiful feeling there is, namely to love and be loved. The reconstruction of love goes through the relationship.

Wayne Dyer, an author, specializing in positive thinking, testifies to the fact that soul mates defined under the prism of a myth have nothing to do with it and that we must rather consider the other, the one who arrives in our sphere. of love as evidence and without misguidance. He is a witness of our life who will help us to evolve deeply inside us.

And if some couples, believing indeed to meet the criteria of soul mates, end up getting lost again, it is because they have remained in the myth and not the reality of true love.

Bringing life back to the beating of your heart, rediscovering the sensation of goosebumps which will be that of the shivers of love and not those of growing fear in front of the other, are reunions with oneself and with the other essential to evolve on the path of love. You cannot rebuild yourselves in love without the other. Solitude cannot restore the taste for the powerful love of two. Only otherness can reconstruct that.

There are men who will break your wings, which will reduce you to dust and make your heart into crumbs that they will revel in their narcissistic perversity.

And then there are those who will come and reach out to you. They will not be heroes, and they will not be saviours. They will be men of heart, men of truth.

They will be able to look at you; they will be able to extend a benevolent hand to you. They will guide you towards a new version of love which will not be that of different beliefs because, at last, you will have put your finger on what a soul mate is in your heart.

Beliefs about love are pretences, and we all base our knowledge of love on what we read when we were young and what we received in education. You have to dare to get out of repetition, dreamlike to really find yourself, to really meet with the other.

You will then flee those who will destroy you, and you will go to those who will rebuild you.

Fairy tales and disturbing stories bring their share of destruction, but certain men and certain women will open the door of your heart with sweetness and sincerity, and it is then that you will finally be reborn. And that’s when you will write your own love story.

Become the writer of your life, of your love story.

Let the people in your life who will make you evolve. Yes, we will surely have to suffer again. Yes, we will still have to forgive. But there will be all these possible reconstructions too. The heart is resilient to love, and you are the origin of all these beats.

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