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Things you need to know about hair regrowth treatment in Chennai

If you are meeting a stranger for the first time in your life, it would be his or her hair you will be noticing at first. Your hair is one of the most important aspects of your physical appearance. If you wear suitable hairstyles, your hair will enhance your overall beauty. Other than this, in hiding facial weaknesses hair plays an important role. Properly maintained hair will boost your confidence and will allow you to stand out in the crowd. In short, your hair gives you an identity and is a crucial part of your personality. Due to all these reasons, it is quite essential to take care of your hair from an early age.

But not everyone is lucky to have healthy hair throughout their lifetime. Due to heredity, hormonal imbalance, several medical conditions, medications, radiation therapy, excessive stress et cetera people end up losing their hair. Among the men, the male pattern baldness is quite common. Whereas, women mostly complain about thin hair. To get rid of the hair loss problem, you can turn to various reputed dermatologists in Chennai. Let’s take a look at the hair regrowth and hair loss treatment in Chennai in the following paragraphs.

  • Hair loss treatment in Chennai– Those who are suffering from excessive hair loss or premature hair loss can turn to reputed dermatologists in Chennai. At first, they can try wearing cosmetic wigs while continuing the medication prescribed by the dermatologist. The topical scalp medications recommended by the dermatologist are quite effective and they will address the underlying medical conditions of the patient suffering from hair loss.  If none of this work, they can go for a hair transplant anytime. It takes an experienced surgeon to transplant hair on your scalp. But, you may not need a hair transplant if you reduce stress and go for various hair therapies.
  • Hair regrowth treatment in Chennai– Believe it or not, the hair regrowth treatment works for every two men out of three. The hair-regrowth treatment works for women with thin hair as well. People under the age of 40 can try out hair regrowth treatments conducted by the best dermatologist in the city.
  • Meso therapy- According to modern medical science, mesotherapy is one of the revolutionary ways to treat premature hair loss and excessive hair fall. Here, dermatologists use the technique of injecting vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other important hair regrowth medications through micro injections. The micro-injections reach the mesoderm of your scalp skin. The nutrients stimulate the bald area developing fresh collagen. As a result, the scalp area gets back to its youthful self due to the nutrient serum. To conduct a mesotherapy will take around 30 minutes. This particular hair therapy improves the blood circulation in the particular scalp area and metabolizes the entire bald skin. When the nutrients are injected into the root of the hair follicles, the hair fall will stop almost immediately.  If you are counting on mesotherapy, be prepared to go for 5 to 6 sessions of this particular therapy.

So, if you are suffering from a hair fall problem, why don’t you consider Mesotherapy? Talk to a reputed dermatologist in Chennai today and do something about this premature hair fall of yours. After all, your hair is a significant contributor to your physical appearance. It is essential to maintain healthy voluminous hair throughout your life.

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