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Tips to invest in the share market

Share market refers to the collection of stock that can be bought and sold by the public. Public companies issue stocks to raise funds for their business. Investors who think business will prosper shortly buy those stocks issued by companies.

The share market is becoming one of the most attractive investment destinations for people mostly for younger generation. Zomato’s share is one of the most bought shares because of Zomato share price. You can make your money multiple times by investing regularly in the stock market. Though the stock market is uncertain for success and failures. Some tips can help you in investing stock market to make immense profits. 

  1. Think in long-term

Always make investments by considering long-term goals, instead of running for short-term gain. Better to think far away in your find and have a clear picture. Do not let your short-term gain destroy your long-term gain. Short-term gain may seem tempting but as the name suggests it is short-term. 

  1. Beginner – Avoid individual stocks

People make unrealistic expectations about the kind of return they would be expecting from the share they would be investing. Sometimes, you can get lucky by picking an individual stock but always remember you are not going to be lucky always. Skills are much needed with luck.

  1. Selling a loser stocks

There is no guarantee that a decrease in stock will give a bounce back or lead to success. It is better to sell at some loss than letting it to that situation which potentially falls even harder. Investors may also continue to hold shares if that pays a good dividend. Otherwise, selling is a better option.

  1. Annual report

An annual report tells you everything about the company you want to invest in. It will tell you how the company was performing in past years, all losses, gains, dividends, etc. Look for the company’s debt ratio and current ratio. The debt ratio tells the number of assets linked to financial debt. The current ratio is the ratio of current assets with current liabilities. The higher the rate, the more liquid the company is and vice-versa. Through this, you can get an idea about the company’s growth. It is important to research wisely before investing and read every report before so that you can earn a fruitful return.

  1. Do not underestimate companies

Many underrated companies can be shining stars shortly. It is always seen that small stock gives better returns than large stock. Many good companies are not aware of the brand but their share’s return is good.


It is easy to dump money and think you are done but those who build wealth do so over time by adding money to their investment. Choosing the perfect opportunity to jump into the market to invest will not work. Nobody knows exactly when the best time to get in is. Hence, embark on your journey of online trading with 5paisa. 5paisa is a trustworthy stockbroker among the five top 5 discount brokers in India.  

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