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Top 5 Places to Watch TV Shows Online

Watching television online is an enjoyable way to unwind at home or while traveling, providing access to some of the newest hits or timeless classics that are currently trending on social media.

This website boasts an intuitive design and easy navigation, and provides access to a vast collection of movies and TV shows in HD quality for viewing.


Vudu is an online video store offering both free and paid content, similar to Netflix or Amazon Prime but different in that you pay per title rather than on an ongoing monthly subscription basis. Vudu supports a range of devices including Apple TV, Roku, Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 and 4.

Swatchseries boasts an impressive library of classic television shows from the 60s through the present, and offers 633 episodes free for streaming on its free section, although some episodes may be slightly outdated. Roseanne, The Addams Family, and Forensic Files can all be found here as well as many others that are popular titles such as True Blood or NCIS.

Vudu offers an easy and straightforward search function that lets users narrow their searches down by title, actor or genre. In addition to that feature, there’s also the Top IMDB menu option which shows only titles with high ratings on IMDb and Top IMDB menu options that show those titles most commonly recommended by viewers. Furthermore, Vudu offers weekly deal pages which offer discounted rentals or purchases for customers.


Crunchyroll is the go-to platform for anime fans. Offering hundreds of classic and current titles as well as dubs for some titles, as well as simulcasts of new anime series when they debut in Japan, Crunchyroll offers everything an anime fan could possibly need when streaming TV shows online.

Crunchyroll stands out among streaming services by offering exceptional device compatibility, which is key when selecting a streaming service provider. They support all standard devices – iOS and Android smartphones and computers via most web browsers – plus Apple TV and Chromecast apps are readily available for easy streaming access.

Premium subscribers may share their subscription with one other household member and can cancel it through the App Store on iPhone and iPad. To do so, open Settings app, tap your Apple ID, then Subscriptions to cancel subscription.


Popcornflix is a free over-the-top (OTT) streaming service offering movies and television shows in their entirety, original web series that cannot be found elsewhere, georestrictions for US devices only but with VPN access for any other location.

This site is easy to use, allowing you to easily create and resume playback across multiple devices. Additionally, its search function makes finding exactly what you’re looking for simple — from comedy, family/kids movies and drama films, right down to selecting movies based on their IMDB rating!

Signing up for Popcornflix is easy and free; all that’s needed to create an account is an email address. There’s no obligation for providing personal data like name or date of birth; the service is fully legal. On both its website and mobile apps you’ll find TV shows across genres including action, science fiction and romance – not forgetting documentaries and foreign films!


Netflix, one of the premier premium streaming services, boasts an extensive library of television shows. Their catalog includes original series like Stranger Things and Ozark as well as award-winning movies like Lilyhammer and House of Cards. Their service can be found on multiple devices, such as smart TVs, Blu-ray players, Android, and iOS devices; additionally they also provide plans with unlimited ad-free viewing!

Service provides an expansive variety of genres, but can be overbearing when browsing all available content. A watch list may help reduce scrolling but finding what you want may still prove challenging.

Vumoo is another great website to watch television online, boasting extensive resources and an active update rate. Furthermore, its advanced filter system helps filter out multilingual subbed content while its free use doesn’t feature ads; additionally, video quality is high.

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