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Top 5 residential districts to buy a property in Singapore

Singapore is the safest place to invest in property. People from all over the world are investing in Singapore. Along with the size and price of property, the thinking point for the buyers is the location of that residential property. Its closeness from their offices, or any other work area. When buying a residential property, its location has a bigger impact than the size and condition of home.

So here are the top 5 dream residential areas in Singapore, where you can buy your residential property; home, apartment or a bungalow according to your choice. Apart from that you can buy a condo in Bartley vue and enjoy a better lifestyle. 

  1. Punggol 
  2. Queenstown / Alexandra
  3. Katong / Siglap
  4. Novena
  5. Balester


It is located in north Singapore’s north-east region. Punggol HDB is growing every year and is a perfect area for living.  This area is growing day by day as it has a yearly addition of 3000+ new residential units. The luxurious parks, hotels, and well-made roads makes it a wonderful residential location for families. 

This area has a great variety of restaurants, hotels and malls which enhances the beauty and quality of this residential location. This area had many amusement parks, clubs and museums for enjoying. It is the most desirable and modern residential district for a luxurious life. 

If we talk about the price of Punggol HDB, So the prices of Punggol HDB are relatively consistent. There was a very little to no increase in HDB flat rents.


It was the first residential zone in Singapore, which proved ground for housing programs. Residents living in this district have access to a variety of facilities and amusements within walking distance from their homes. These facilities include; parks, clubs, sports complexes, restaurants, malls, and a wide variety of entertainment centers.

Queenstown is also very well-known because of its superb educational facilities. A large number of students grow yearly in this district. As the population of this district increases so as the number of markets, hotels, and residential units also increases. The high settled markets and clubs increase the attraction of the viewer towards this district.


Katong and Siglap are one of few districts that make up Singapore’s east coast. The east coast is very well known just because of its real estate residential variety. This area has a very attractive and charming view of the sea along with the feel of cool breeze blowing. It has a family-friendly environment with a lot of parks and museums.

Another fact that makes this coast more popular among the people is the local cuisines, cafés, and other delicious and famous eateries of the area. If you want to stay away from the noisy life of the city then this is the best place for you to live. 


It is a residential district in Singapore’s central region. It has primary, standard and luxury residential. You can select one according to your budget and choice. Novena comprises residential units, commercial complexes, food outlets, shopping malls and many other entertaining platforms. Novena has been considered as the heaven of shoppers.


Balester is the most affordable housing area in Singapore. It has a variety of housing for every kind of person. It has both cheap and expensive varieties of residences for people. There are many plazas in this residential area. The HDB headquarters are located at HDB hub. Balester is a historic area with plenty of shopping malls. If you are finding an affordable dream house with few facilities, it will be a right choice for you.


These are the top 5 desirable residential districts to buy a property in Singapore. If you are planning to buy an expensive luxurious dream residence OR an affordable good residence according to your choice, this article will help you in guiding and buying a perfect residence. I hope you will like my article.

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