Monday, September 25

Top 5 Tricks To Live A Stress-Free Life

The way life is geared nowadays is that productivity rules your status. What determines your value in society is the output that you can produce. This means that many people are facing levels of stress that have never been experienced before. Even though we have more time to ourselves as compared to how people lived a hundred years ago, the demands of society have changed. With that, the vast majority of mankind lives under pressure that would have folded people not living in this era. 

As technology has exponentially improved and innovations are being manifested at a very fast rate, so do our ways of combating stress. However, a lot of us don’t know that these methods exist. Even if some of us do, how to actually do it may not be that obvious. Creative methods such as using cannabinoids also give rise to questions such as hemp vs. marijuana. Let’s try to discuss your options, and help you reduce stress overall.

  1. Commit to exercising on a regular basis. Did you know that physical activity can reduce stress on a chemical level? Your brain produces endorphins whenever you exercise and work out, which are essential for relieving stress. Endorphins are hormones that chemically act as natural painkillers and mood elevators. Because of that, exercising will relieve your stress. Furthermore, exercise also has a lot of other benefits that don’t just include stress. It could reduce muscle tension, improve sleep, and many more. Such effects are also the ones that contribute to a reduction in stress, so a systemic effect of working out is surely a good thing.
  2. Practice different relaxation techniques. There are a lot of ways to relax and fix immediate stress. Relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, yoga, and even mindfulness are all ways you could reduce stress. These practices slow down the natural flight-or-fight response of the human body, which is always activated whenever we are stressed. That way, our body regains a level of balance and relaxation, and of course, relieves stress. 
  3. Get good quality sleep. Sleep isn’t just about the length but also the quality of sleep. Lack of sleep contributes to your stressful mood. The more dangerous thing is that stress itself also contributes to having a bad night of sleep. The vicious cycle will continue, so you have to address this part of your life as soon as possible. The quality of sleep refers to how many sleep cycles you get within the good range of sleep (7-9 hours) and how deep you get in your sleep. Both of these things could be achieved by tweaking your night a little bit. Have a good night routine, turn off screens at least 1 hour before sleeping, dim your lights, and lower the room temperature to a very comfortable ambiance. 
  4. Have a healthy diet. Sleep, exercise, and diet are the trifecta of a fit and healthy life. Naturally, a fit and healthy life include a life that is not plagued with stress. Sticking to a good, healthy diet leads to giving your body the proper nutrients. Such nutrients lead to your body functioning properly and more resiliently. Avoid overly processed foods, food with high sugar, and others that contribute to feeling stressed.
  5. Experiment. Herbal and therapeutic methods have thousands of anecdotal evidence that support them. Experimental supplements such as cannabidiol (CBD) and essential oils may help your system to relax. CBD has been shown to improve concentration and reduce anxiety, so this might be your ticket to a stress-free life. CBD also comes in many forms: CBD gummy bears, CBD oils, and other methods of ingestion.  

All in all, reducing the stressors in your life will lead to a more quality time of the day. Although stress is important for growth and is a natural part of human processes, you should try to regulate it to healthy levels. Whenever you are excessively stressed, refer to the tips above to help you.

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