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Top Credit Cards in India for Saving Money

Credit cards have a reputation for spending money, but it is not the whole truth. Using the card you spend money but the card offers to save on your spending with its cashback and reward offers. So if you haven’t used a card yet, you will be in a myth that this is spending too which is not entirely correct. This article will tell you about the benefits and offers of the Top Credit Cards in India. So continue this page below.

How to Find the Best Credit Card in India?

You can get yourself the best credit card if you keep the following tips in mind –

Fees and Charges

Choose a credit card whose fees are not too much and can be affordable to you. Once you do that comparison, see which is most affordable to you. Keep that credit card offer aside now.

Does the Credit Card Offer Suits Your Need

If the credit card offer meets your daily spending requirements, it will be the best card for you. As you just need to switch the cash spent with a credit card. So when you use the card you will earn reward points that later can be redeemed as cash or gift vouchers.

Additional Charges

Other than the joining and annual fee you also need to pay a fee to the credit card lender such as a late payment charge, add-on card fee, etc. So check them as well while you are finding the best credit card. 

Waiver Clause

Credit cards come with an annual fee waiver clause in which you need to achieve a specific amount of spending limit to not pay the annual fee. So see which credit card spending limit is easy to achieve to waive off the annual fee. This way there is a slight advantage for you. Because your regular annual spending can help you waive off the annual charge.

Which are the Top Credit Cards?

We have enlisted a few credit cards on the basis of the above factors let’s see why these cards are the best for you –

MoneyBack Credit Card HDFC Bank

From the name of the credit card, you must have known that the primary feature of this credit card is to provide you with cashback. Well, you could get this benefit upon your daily spending, see how –

  • 2 reward points on every INR 150 spent (except for fuel transactions, wallets loads, prepaid card loading and voucher purchases)
  • Two times reward points for INR 150 spent online
  • Gift voucher worth INR 500 on spending INR 50,000
  • Up to INR 2,000 worth of gift vouchers are available in a year

The joining and annual fee for this best credit card in India is INR 500+GST. So as you can see it is affordable and can help you save money. 

Standard Chartered DigiSmart Credit Card

This credit card doesn’t come with an annual fee, you just need to pay a modest sum of INR 49 per month. And the same will be waived off if you spend INR 5,000 in a month. With the best credit card from Standard Chartered Bank, you can get a discount on these sites –

  • 20% off at Myntra   
  • 10% off at Grofers  
  • 10% off at Zomato 

And there is no minimum spending limit that you need to meet in order to get the discount on your purchase. 

ICICI Bank Amazon Pay Credit Card

There is no joining and annual fee in this ICICI Bank Card this is a lifetime free card. It means you just need to apply for the card to avail of the following benefits –

  • 15% savings on dining with culinary treats program
  • 5% cashback on shopping at the Amazon website if you are a prime member. Otherwise, 3% cashback
  • 2% cashback on partner sites
  • 1% cashback on others

So with Amazon Credit Card Apply, save money from your daily spending. Save on online purchases as well as offline retail purchases with the best cards in India.

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