Friday, April 19

Unblocked Games

Unblocked games offer an entertaining and relaxing way to pass time and strengthen critical thinking abilities.

However, many schools and companies block certain websites in order to limit time-wasting activities. Luckily, there are websites offering unblocked games online.


CoolMath-Games is a website where students can play a range of educational games; however, this site has been blocked by Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS).

CoolMath-Games has been blocked as it may constitute an illegal website which creates distraction and disrupts student learning. MCPS follows the Child Internet Protection Act by restricting access to websites which may prove detrimental or distracting to student education.

Students may access websites using a mirror site or VPN to bypass restrictions and gain access to blocked content. A mirror site acts as a copy of another website used to bypass restrictions and gain entry to blocked material.

Some students have found that using Cool Math games as an aid while doing their assignments or as a reward for finishing early has helped them stay focused without becoming disinterested or disrespectful in class.

However, this website utilizes outdated technology and does not teach students much in terms of math education. Many games on this platform require no critical thinking to complete and do not reinforce mathematical concepts at all.

Unblocked Games World

Unblocked games world are online games that cannot be blocked by network firewalls, often played at schools, colleges and workplaces.

Gaming can be an excellent way to relieve boredom in class or work settings, helping reduce stress levels while strengthening mental faculties.

Unblocked Games World offers a diverse selection of action and adventure titles that will keep you engaged for hours on end, as well as RPG titles that provide immersive storylines to engross you completely.

This website boasts an expansive library of free games for both desktop computers and mobile phones, from popular modern titles to classic arcade classics and new releases. There’s something to suit everyone here!


Boredbutton is a website offering random fun games to its visitors. The home page features an eye-catching red button which anyone can tap to access random and amusing interactive games, activities or informational tidbits.

People can now enjoy an array of entertainment from the comfort of their own homes – they can even play mobile phone games!

This website’s most attractive feature is that it enables users to switch out their dull button with one that will introduce an exciting game – all it takes is tapping it again for it to select an alternative game for them!

This site is completely free for children to use, offering them a range of enjoyable games such as racing, drawing, strategic thinking and visual attention challenges.


Symbaloo is a content integration platform designed to assist teachers in organizing and sharing resources. Free for educators with existing accounts.

This tool is easy to use and offers numerous ways of customizing it – one such is creating webmixes – collections of links to websites, videos, documents and articles.

Establish Learning Paths as another method to differentiate instruction and give each student their own specialized path towards learning that suits them perfectly. Doing this allows you to provide personalized education tailored specifically to them and meet each of their individual needs.

As well, you can create personalized learning routes for students who require additional assistance or challenge with particular topics. Plus, each learning route can include questions so you can test whether your students understand its content.

Symbaloo is an invaluable tool for teaching digital citizenship and helping students select the ideal website for their work. It serves as an alternative to libraries’ standard list of weblinks which don’t always meet students’ needs.

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