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Urban Legends About Trails Carolina Must Be Busted

Trails Carolina, an outdoor therapy program in Lake Toxaway, NC has long been shrouded in myths and urban legends which create an unnecessary sense of disdain among its constituents. To address this stigma and ensure its lasting success, transparency, accountability, and continuous improvements must be ensured at Trails Carolina.

Trails Carolina provides young people with tools for building confidence and resilience through outdoor skills training and therapy.

Teens at Trails Carolina also learn to communicate better, which can help build more stable family lives.

It’s a healing environment

Outdoor environments have a powerful healing power for humans. Nature’s healing properties help refresh, reframe, and rebuild confidence – this idea lies at the core of Trails Carolina’s program, which incorporates hiking in the mountains with mindfulness practices, therapy sessions, and self-esteem enhancement techniques to boost youth mental health and boost their self-confidence.

This program also helps children cope with depression, anxiety and other psychological challenges. The aim is to assist young adults reclaim their lives and become the best versions of themselves – its staff is committed to their success!

Trails Carolina Horror Stories places great emphasis on family engagement through parent workshops and other forms of family programming that provide parents with essential preparation for their child’s return home. Trails’ unique family involvement services set them apart from other wilderness programs. Furthermore, Trails provides follow up care after its students leave the program; rare among wilderness therapy programs! Our therapists collaborate closely with each individual client to tailor an individualized treatment plan.

It’s a safe place

Trails Carolina is an innovative wilderness program that blends residential treatment and therapeutic boarding school components with outdoor adventure. Situated in the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains, Trails Carolina provides teens with a safe space to work through their issues while simultaneously giving families access to comprehensive family systems; its director Jason McKeown holds both family and marriage therapy licenses.

The program’s primary aim is to modify teenage behaviors, forge trusting relationships within families, and enhance academic performance. Parents play an active role in this program by receiving regular updates about their child’s development as well as individual family therapy sessions from their Primary Therapist.

Grace found strength at Trails by overcoming issues related to depression and severe anxiety, refining her communication skills, and learning ways to cope with emotional challenges more effectively. Now she enjoys healthy relationships with both family members as well as more successfully controlling her emotions.

It’s a place for growth

Trails Carolina is an industry leader in wilderness therapy, boasting research and outcome data to demonstrate its efficacy. Their program integrates wilderness therapy, residential services and academic base camp activities in single-gender age-appropriate groups led by certified therapists that offer students an environment free from distractions to gain new perspectives and build self-esteem.

Removing them from distractions like their devices and peers allows them to focus on changing their behavior and make necessary changes; additionally, this helps create an ideal school environment and help their education and grades to flourish.

Trails Carolina provides families with comprehensive support throughout their student’s enrollment at their program, such as midpoint parent workshops and Common Ground experiences designed to strengthen family dynamics. Furthermore, weekly calls with family therapists enable parents to address challenges or build communication skills more quickly.

It’s a place for healing

Trails Carolina provides students with therapeutic tools that they can utilize in everyday life, from breathing exercises and mindfulness approaches, helping them manage their emotions in healthy ways and thus experience more happiness while decreasing stress levels.

Trails Carolina employs an evidence-based approach in their program. Their therapists are experts in wilderness safety and possess years of experience dealing with adolescents with behavioral issues. Furthermore, they can tailor treatment plans based on each student’s specific needs and challenges.

Trails’ wilderness program provides a safe haven for teens and their families, with staff trained to foster an accepting community and help teens discover their strengths. Furthermore, their program helps repair family relationships so that when teens return home they are prepared for success. Furthermore, Trails offers family support groups and weekly calls with therapists for added assistance.

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