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VPN to Watch My5TV From Outside the UK

My5 is a free UK video-on-demand service offering access to Channel 5 shows like Celebrity Big Brother, NCIS, Home and Away and Neighbours as well as drama documentaries entertainment and children’s content from Milkshake!.

My5 can be watched outside of the UK with the right VPN or DNS, and StreamLocator is the optimal option as a router plugin that works across providers and devices.

On-demand television service is Channel 5’s on-demand television service, available across numerous devices. The app contains movies and shows such as British television shows, reality TV series and live sports – plus Roku, Firestick streaming devices! My5 can even be streamed using VPN technology so users can view content that would normally be unavailable in their location.

My5 will continue to offer catch-up for Channel 5, 5STAR, 5USA and 5SELECT programs as well as My5 exclusives like box sets of popular shows and premieres from Paramount – plus UK reality TV series like Geordie Shore and Ex on the Beach – alongside its on-demand video service.

My5 app may be inconsistent, but it still makes for a reliable way to catch up on TV episodes you miss. With its array of interactive features – such as creating your favorite show list and keeping track of which shows have been watched – My5 makes it simple and efficient to find what you’re searching for quickly. Furthermore, this service is completely free to use – another advantage over competitors!

Streaming on multiple devices

My5 TV can be found across a wide variety of devices, from mobile phones and tablets to televisions, computers and media players. Users can browse a selection of television shows and movies as well as receive tailored recommendations based on past viewing history. Both Apple and Android stores provide apps with access to My5 TV apps; users may sign up for email notifications regarding new content available in My5 TV’s library.

My 5 TV offers an abundance of content to appeal to both kids and adults, including box sets of popular shows, movie premieres, documentaries, entertainment programming and movies – including family-friendly series like Milkshake! A VPN allows multiple devices access My5 simultaneously; additionally it is possible to use the app offline as well.

My5 can only be watched in the UK if your network connects to Channel 5. When choosing a VPN provider, make sure they offer servers in the UK or My5 will detect your location and block you.

PureVPN offers an effective solution for streaming My5, with many servers throughout the UK and a speed fast enough for HD video streaming; compatible with a wide range of devices; and offering a 30-day money-back guarantee.


VPN services provide a simple and reliable method for accessing My5tv from outside the UK. Simply download a VPN service, connect to one of the UK servers, and watch all of your favourite Channel 5 shows! There are multiple providers to choose from but some provide more versatile service than others; those offering servers in multiple locations and offering different subscription lengths should be the top picks.

An Ethernet (wired) connection may help enhance your experience by minimizing freezing issues and improving internet connections. Furthermore, updating firmware on content devices is often effective at rectifying problems.

My5 offers a fantastic selection of kid-friendly shows for you and your children to watch, such as Milkshake! or classic family favourites like Mr Men and Fireman Sam. Additionally, in-app parental PINs allow parents to protect younger viewers from inappropriate content, plus there’s monthly highlights from its partner channels, like Pluto Tv movie channel for B movies, Pluto Food channel for delicious cuisine or Pluto Drama channel featuring top hits!

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