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How Is VPS Canada Hosting Different From Cloud Hosting?

vps canada

Nowadays, online business owners are getting confused while choosing the right web hosting for their websites. Therefore, the selection of web hosting totally depends on the business size and performance. 

Moreover, VPS Hosting and Cloud Hosting both are perfect solutions for small and large-scale businesses and have their pros. 

Also, there are many types of web hosting services but here you will get to know about how is VPS Canada Hosting different from cloud hosting. 

About VPS Canada

VPS is a Virtual Private Server. It is a type of hosting service provider that hosts online businesses or websites on the Internet. Also, VPS Hosting in Canada is increasing its popularity among website owners by providing high speed and performance, large storage, advanced security, support, full root access, and more. 

Therefore, it comes at an affordable with a data backup option. You may get the backup feature with the VPS Hosting plan in Canada at an additional cost. This will help you to protect your data and information safely and securely online.  

Moreover, VPS Canada is of two types i.e. Managed VPS and Unmanaged VPS. The managed VPS is for those who do not have enough technical knowledge and who require IT, an expert team, to manage and control the server. While the unmanaged VPS is for those who have the technical expertise and can control the server themselves. 

Benefits of VPS Canada Hosting

vps canada

Full Root Access

VPS Hosting Canada provides complete control of the server, so you can easily manage the server and update or install the applications, programms, and software as per the website requirement.


VPS Canada comes at a cost-effective range. Under this, you will get various benefits that are root access, high uptime, high network speed, large storage and bandwidth, security with complete technical support, and more things under the VPS Hosting package.


VPS Hosting gives better performance to small and large-scale businesses. This will help your website to load faster on the browser. Also, the visitors will not have any problems regarding the hosting while visiting the website.

Guaranteed Resources

VPS offers guaranteed resources to online businesses i.e. high uptime, scalability to scale up the website as per the needs, large storage and bandwidth, support, and more things with the cheap VPS Canada plan.


Under VPS in Canada, you will get high-security protection for your online business. This will help to keep secure the data and information on the Internet from cyber attacks i.e. malware, phishing, and other viruses. 

Also, you do not have to worry about your website while having Canadian VPS Hosting because it will not down your business while getting malicious attacks. It will destroy them automatically, before coming to your website. 

Technical Support

With VPS in Canada, the hosting prover offers complete technical support to online businesses from the expert IT team. Also, if any type of issue occurs on your website then you can contact the team via Phone call, Ticket system, Live chat, and E-mail. The expert team will help you out by providing a solution.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting works on virtualization technology, in that, a dedicated server divides into multiple virtual machines that are known as cloud servers. Therefore, the cloud servers are interconnected to host the websites on a single network. 

Also, it is the best choice for website owners because it offers more reliability, high availability, security, and more other resources. The best thing about having cloud hosting in Canada is that you will have to pay for what resources you have used.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting for Online Business

vps canada
  • Cloud Hosting offers better performance to businesses because the resource availability is high as it is not dependent on a single physical server.
  • Under Cloud Hosting, you will get high scalability to scale up the website. Also, you can upgrade the CPU (Central Processing Unit), RAM (Random Access Memory), and other resources as the traffic increase on your website.
  • Cloud Hosting is an expensive hosting. In some cases, you only have to pay for the resources that you have used. Also, it offers fully managed hosting, free data migration, monitoring of the resources, etc.
  • It provides data mirroring to keep your information safe and secure on the Internet. The data is mirrored on three different devices on various drives. In some cases of any hardware failure, you do not have to lose the information on the website. This ensures you provide free data backup and recovery. 
  • Cloud Hosting has less density which helps the site to boost speed. This will help your website to load faster on the browser.


Above, you have learned about how VPS Canada is different from Cloud Hosting. Therefore, it is very difficult for online business owners to pick up the best web hosting for their website. 

Both hosting solutions are perfect for small and large businesses, and also both have different benefits and advantages.

Before purchasing the web hosting service you must know the size of your business and how much traffic you are getting on the website.

Moreover, you may consider VPS Hosting when your business size is small to medium and when you have good knowledge to operate the server. 

Also, you may choose Cloud Hosting when your business is large and your website is growing rapidly. You are comfortable with managing the technical side of cloud hosting. 

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