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What are the various benefits of consuming Amla Juice?

There is no doubt about the fact that amla or Indian gooseberry is packed with lots of nutrients. It consists of plenty of vitamins and minerals that help us to prevent lots of ailments. You can consume amla in the form of juices, raw, powder, or pickles that will promote our health to a great extent. Amla will help to enhance our immune systems, and boost our metabolism while preventing bacterial and viral ailments due to its content of vitamin C.

There is a lot of health benefits related to the consumption of amla juice at present that we have mentioned in this article. Let us look at some of those benefits in the following section of this article.

1. Boosts our immune system

The juice of amla consists of vitamin C which happens to be a water-soluble vitamin with antioxidant properties. According to the studies that have been conducted so far, it has been found that each amla fruit has got 600 to 700 g of this vitamin within it.

Vitamin C can improve our immunity significantly apart from safeguarding the cells from oxidative stress. One particular review has depicted that vitamin C can prevent some particular types of infections and might even reduce the duration of the common cold in the long run.

Nevertheless, it will be imperative to conduct more research for finding out how the consumption of the juice of amla will help to boost our immune system.

2. Helps us to digest properly

Apart from enhancing our immunity, regular intake of amla juice will likewise provide other benefits like improving our digestive system. For instance, one study consisting of 68 individuals suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease depicted that ingesting the juice of amla for four weeks regularly will lower the frequency and severity of regurgitation plus heartburn. It has been proved by these studies that amla helps to improve digestive health in humans to a great extent.

3. Helps us to manage weight

In case you are finding it hard to manage your weight, then it will be a good idea to consume the juice of amla. Make sure to consume the juice when your stomach is empty that will help to improve your metabolism, as well as digestive power. Apart from this, you can also add some pepper and salt to amla juice which will help to control your appetite so that you feel full for an extended period. It will also help our system to absorb the essential nutrients while acting as a natural laxative because of its high content of fiber.

4. Aids in purifying blood

Just like Amalki Rasayan, one of the most important advantages provided by Indian gooseberry is that it will help to make our blood vessels stronger as well as thicker. Functioning like an antioxidant agent, amla has the power to detoxify our system effectively. Moreover, our hemoglobin count will also increase substantially by regular intake of amla.

5. Improves our eyesight

Amla juice consists of carotene which will aid in improving our eyesight significantly. It will be feasible to improve our overall eye health by adding amla to our regular diet and we will get rid of issues such as intraocular tension and cataracts.

6. Provides us with pain relief

Most of us suffer from some typical issues such as aching mouth ulcers, arthritis, and joint pain in our daily lives. Just like Amalki Rasayan, amla can boast of having anti-inflammatory properties that will provide us with instant pain relief in case we use it regularly. We will be able to get relief from mouth ulcers by diluting some juice of amla in water and gargling with it.

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